Hotels serving Trunch Menu | Trunch is Light Food with Few Spices

October 7th, 2011| In India.


People in the cities are fond of food and they want new tastes every time. So, hotels are getting ready to entertain the people with different tastes. People in cities are habituated to brunch culture which is present in the foreign countries and recently, Trunch culture is also seen in the cities. They know the taste of drinking Irani tea after eating Biryani. Until now irani tea was confined to the small hotels but it is being served in star hotels also. Trunch is given to the people with lunch and tea.

People in the cities will come out of the house after eating the breakfast and they won’t care of lunch until they feel hungry. Even though they know that eating late is not good for health, it is not being possible for the people to eat at correct timings in the busy life. When they remember to have the lunch, they waste the time in deciding to go to a place with their friends to have the lunch. By the time they decide, the lunch timings will be crossed and they will have their lunch late.

Most of the people go to shopping on Sundays and they eat late. Few others like to drink tea to kill their hunger. So restaurants are offering Trunch for people in the cities. There are many specialties in the late lunch and high tea which are offered in the Trunch. People do the survey with various items when they eat late and all the different kinds of tastes will be available for them. People are given fruit juices, ice creams, sweets and the main course consists of vegetarian or non- vegetarian food. Trunch will be available for the people from evening 4 ‘o’ clock. People will wake up late on Sundays and they will have the breakfast late which affects the lunch. When they take the lunch late, this should not affect the night dinner so, all the items in the menu are made less spicy. People can enjoy a lot on the weekends and they can happily eat for long time. Another reason for the hotels to provide Trunch is that people in the cities like to spend more time with families on weekends and it will be late for them to have the lunch. It won’t be sufficient for the people to have only snacks and they should have the lunch. So, these kinds of people are offered Trunch which contains light food.