How are the candidates selected for the training in military? | What is the exam pattern conducted for the selections into military?

September 9th, 2010| Education.

How are the candidates selected for the training in military? | What is the exam pattern conducted for the selections into military?

Combined defense service examination is the exam conducted by UPSC for the posts in the military. The candidate should have dare and strength along with the thought to become a defense officer. They are conducted various exams like psychology test, group testing and personal interview along with the exam. The effective intelligence, reasoning, maintenance capability, co-operation, adoptability, power of expression, responsibility, decision making, liveliness, determination, dare and attitude are a part of this exam. The men and women in the military should work in a strict environment and an active environment. There will be difficult training for the selected candidates in the air force/navy/army. The degree final year candidates can apply for this exam. The candidates will be selected to the permanent/short service commission based on this exam. The combined defense exam is going to be conducted in the next September and the candidates for permanent commission should write three papers. The candidates should write only two papers for the short service. There is no need to write the mathematics paper.

By observation:

  • The college students are not having the mental abilities and they should first be strong. They should prepare to work for hours.
  • Most of the students attempt the exam before knowing the syllabus and it is good to know the syllabus before. The syllabus is available in the UPSC website.
  • The candidate should see the topics in the paper and the candidate should know the strengths and weakness in every field. They should work hard and improve the weak fields and try to get maximum marks.
  • The general studies paper syllabus is very more and the candidate should know how to study for it. By observing the previous five years papers, we can know on what we should concentrate. For example, history contains the ancient age, middle age and modern age questions.
  • The candidates who can speak better English will neglect this subject and they should know that the subject is different in writing. They should be able to recognize the answers for the objective type and grammar questions.
  • The candidates can score more marks in English if they study the grammar well as 70% of the questions are from this part.
  • The candidates should be careful while correcting the wrong statements. The remaining 30% of the English paper consists of comprehension, antonyms and synonyms.
  • The candidates should implement new techniques in this exam. If we consider maths, we should take the geometry, trigonometry etc areas should be concentrated. There will be 40 to 45% of the questions from this and remaining questions are equally asked.
  • There wont be any cut off marks for this exam and they take first ten thousand members. The selection will be based on the vacancies. The percentile is considered and if they get good marks in all the subjects and overall marks, they will be in the merit list.
  • The final merit will be decided based on the written exam and interview marks. There will be slight difference in the marks in the interview and so the candidates score in the written exam will show the effect.

S.S.B interview:

The candidate should prepare for the interview after the written exam and there will be an interview in three months from the time of the written exam.

  • They should read the newspaper and should concentrate on the news. They should listen to the discussions on TV on various topics.
  • The communication skills are very important and they should practice by standing in front of the mirror. It is better if they join in an institute. They should participate in discussions also.
  • There will be screening exam at first and the intelligence and reasoning test, picture perception and description test and group discussion are a part of it.
  • After the screening test, the candidate should attend continuously for 4 to 5 days for the tests.

The candidate should remember that the merit selection is done on all these tests.

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