How B.Sc education is better when compared to B.Tech, in case of expenditure?

July 19th, 2010| Education.

How B.Sc education is better when compared to  B.Tech, in case of expenditure?

The cost of the money spent while studying engineering is more compared to the money spent while doing B.Sc. for example if we spend Rs.50000 in a year for engineering and after B.Tech, we need to spend up to Rs.30000 for GRE, TOEFL etc preparation. We need to spend up to 5 lakhs to do M.S in any college in America only for first semester. Next to do PG we need to spend from 7.5 to 8 lakhs and unless we do MS in any reputed institute, we need to search for a job in India. The money spent while doing B.Sc is one lakh for three years degree and 1.5 lakh for two year PG course. There is no need to spend a penny for the talented students after PG. Many institutes like ICSR, DBT, ICMR are conducting the fellowship tests and those who pass this test will get an amount of Rs.12000. they can do P.hd with these fellowship and they can also get post doctoral fellowship. With this qualification, they can easily get the job and the money spent is also less than the engineering. Except in IITs, NITs and other popular institutes, we can’t get back the money spent in engineering colleges.