How is the career of the statisticians and what are opportunities in India?

August 15th, 2010| In India.

How is the career of the statisticians and what are opportunities in India?

The demand had increased for statisticians as the statistics is used world wide. The demand for the statisticians is more in the America and the statistics subject had become the independent subject in 1940. As the economy of the market had increased, the usage of numbers became compulsory. Mainly the government companies, manufacturers and other policy companies want the budget plans before only and this had increased the demand for the statisticians. The estimation of market behavior, business trends and diographic trends should be done by the statisticians. With this change, the statistics subject had gained the importance.

As the competition in the companies had increased, the companies are appointing the statisticians. The planning is needed for the products and market and there will be great changes when there is a small mistake in the calculations. Few universities in India are providing the statistics subject in the under graduate course. They are also offering this course in the PG level. Indian statistical institute is the only institute which is dealing the statistics as core subject ( The main institute is in kolkata and there are branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. This institute is offering the courses in PG and UG levels and those who completed these courses can get the job as assistant professors in the subjects like data interpreters, data analytics, enumerators and statisticians. They play an important role in the researches.

As said in the starting, they are having more demand in America and the head of the American statistical association (ASA) is an Indian. The number of Indians in the researches in American universities is reducing and the number of Chinese is increasing. The Indians are getting the jobs in the IT field easily and if they do three years research in the statistics, they will get better opportunities in this field. If they complete the doctorate in the statistics, then they will get the starting salary as one lakh twenty five thousand dollars. This is more than the P.Hd in the engineering course.

This is the good period for the statisticians in America and the Texas A and M university is increasing the capability for the statisticians in the coming ten years. In many universities, the statistics is combined with the mathematics and now they are separating the statistics as a new subject. By seeing these calculations, we can say that the future is statisticians.