How many Reference names required in the application? Whom to choose as reference?

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How many Reference names required in the application? Whom to choose as reference?

According to the experts, the reference names mentioned in the resume are very important.  The name and their designation work as a recommendation.  So do not show any negligence while mentioning the reference name.

Many organizations give much importance to the persons referred.  They try to find out the reason behind mentioning their name. They try to check if these persons talk in favor of the applicant even when he is not a worthy person?  It is better not to inform the persons referred about the application.  There will be no problem if they are aware of the applicant’s capabilities and talents.

During interviews some organizations ask whether you know any person working in a particular company.  Do not write the names just heard somewhere.  Mention the names only if you know them personally.  Other wise do not hesitate to just tell them that you do not know anybody.

Take the names of those persons who you know personally from last few years.  The organizations may contact them before offering the job to you.  They may discuss matters relating to you with them.

How many references?

At least two references are to be given in the application.  Refer the names of those persons belonging to your area.  Mention from how many years you know the person compulsorily.  Choose the persons who know you very well.  Do not give wrong information.  If the person you referred says that he does not know you that would be a bigger problem.  You may have to give the details of personal relationship as well as professional relationship with the person.  Do not forget to mention these details separately.

Whom to choose?

The organizations should be able to easily locate the address of the referred person given in the application.  They should not find any problem while looking for them.  If the person you have mentioned in working in the same organization mention their designation without fail.  You can give the names of teachers or close friends of your family.  Mention the phone numbers, so that the representatives of the organization can easily contact them.  Time also can be saved.

Furnish the details of the company you are working.  The name of the company, address and your designation should be mentioned so that they can find out about the skills, behavior and leadership qualities.

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