How reach Pavuralagutta from Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Kadapa?

September 25th, 2009| News, Travel.

People from all parts of the State are visiting the place Pavuralagutta  where the Y.S died in accident . The people who are coming from different places, they have travel on the following routes so as to reach that place.

To reach Pavuralagutta, at first we have to reach the Village Nallakaluva , Kurnool district.  This village is 5 Km from the Atmakur. Upto Nallakaluva the dam bar road is available. From this village we have to travel 8 Km on earth road, to reach the  Galeru river. After crossing Galeru, and 8 KM traveling we reach the temple Rudrakoduru.  From Rudrakodu there is a journey of 10 KM to Rallagutta. From this place there is no facility for vehicle transportation. To reach the accident place 4 KM walk is compulsory.

How reach Pavuralagutta from Hyderabad?

The visitors come from Hyderabad, at first they have to reach Kurnool , District Head quarters. From this place they have to reach Armakur, distance of  65 KM journey is there by road. From Atmakur with in distance of 5 KM  distance Nallakalva village is there. From this village 30 KM traveling on earth road has to be do to reach near to  Pavuralagutta.

How reach Pavuralagutta from Vijayawada?

The people from  the area of Vijayawada, Guntur , Markapuram,  and Srisailam they have  to reach first Pedda Dornala . From this place on completion of 70 Km traveling the people can reach to Atmakur. There is no need to enter in to Atmakur, they can travel by Nandyal high way and reach Nallakaluva village.

How reach Pavuralagutta from Tirupati & Kadapa ?

The people who are visiting from Tirupati and Cuddapah , at first they have to reach  Nandyal. From Nandyal Via Velugodu, Atmakur road they have to travel, 14KM before Atmakur they reach the Nallakaluiva village. From this Village they have to travel on earth road via Galeru river to reach Pavuralagutta

For the People who are visiting this place from Ananthapur, Hindupur  areas, they can approach Pavuralagutta in two routes. They have reach Kurnool District Head quarters, and then travel 65 KM to reach Atmakur. From this place within 5 KM distance Nallakalava village is available. From this place 30 KM journey is there to reach Pavuralagutta.  There is another route which is from Ananthapur to Tadipatri via Avuku, they can reach Nandyal. From Nadyal via Velugodu without entering to Atmakur they can reach Nallakaluva village.

In view of Jagan tour the following are the details against vehicle parking places

The Vehicles from Nandyal, Velugodu  should be parked  in the fields of Anjaneyulu Nallakalva village. From this place the meeting place is situated within 2 KM distance.

People who visiting this place from Hyderabad, Adoni, Emmiganoor, Kurnool , and Nandikotkur, they have to reach Atmakur. From this place Nallakalava is situated with   in 5 Km distance. At  Nallakalava Darga , Old choultry, the parking place is provided .  The meeting place is 1 KM from this parking place.

Near Helipad area VIP Vehicle parking is made available.

To the Ministers, and to other important Leaders, Y.S. family members, parking place is provided nearer to Helipad. The vehicles which are going to be parked at this place will be checked thoroughly then only permission will be given to the vehicle for parking. The large public may visit this place by vehicles as such heavy and special arrangements are made by Police. The Police authorities have requested the people who are visiting this place and attending the condolence meeting to co-operate with them and park their vehicles in their allotted places

Route Map to Pavuralagutta:

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