How the Franchise selection done in IPL? | Interesting Facts about IPL

April 27th, 2013| Uncategorized.

How the Franchise selection done in IPL?

The first IPL 2008 is started with the 8 players in 8 different places. Those franchises are been selected in the bidding procedure. Many institutes had taken place in the bidding. The places who have secured the highest bidding had got those areas franchises.

Interesting Facts about IPL:

-          The count of the IPL-3 viewers will be around 108 million when it completes 14 matches.

-          The estimated amount that is been received by the set max through advertisements will be around one crore.

-          The estimated value of those teams this year is in crores.

-          The increase of the UB group company beer is around 10-15%

-          For 10seconds, advertisement during the match in set max is in lakhs around 5.

-          The brand value of the IPL according to the estimation of the brand finance company in England is 19,000 crores.

-          The income that is taken by each franchise this year is Rs.40 crores.

-          The value of the advertisements is 8,200 crores

-          The total income that is been taken by the each team for the IPL 2010 is 90 crores.