How to apply LRS? | Checklist of LRS application

August 26th, 2010| How To.

How to apply LRS? | Checklist of LRS application

As everybody is aware, people who buy plots in a Gram Panchayath, has to regularize them.  But many people do not know what are the forms to be submitted and where to regularize it.

The plots which have the approval of Gram Panchayath have to be regularized and following forms are to be submitted at the time of regularization.

  • Ownership papers of the plot/title deed attested by a gazetted officer.
  • Site location plan
  • 3 sets of lay-out plan.  One tracing paper and two ammonia prints.  The details like plot area, open land and land under road etc has to be provided.  This lay-out plan should be drawn by a technical person and the owner should sign on this.
  • ULC clearance certificate is compulsory if the land falls under the ULC vacant land.  Or an affidavit stating that the ULC limitations are not crossed should be submitted
  • Rs. 100 indemnity bond is also to be submitted.
  • A challan drawn in the nearby banks to the Zonal office has to be given.
  • The value assessment form issued by the Registration department as on 01.01.2008
  • If plot is a re-saled property, link documents are to submitted.  This rule applies to the plots registered after 01.01.2008.
  • Do not forget to include the lay-out copy along with the application form.

HYMA has 4 zonal offices at Medchal, Ghatkesar, Sankarpalli and Shamshabad.  Phone numbers are – Medchal – 9396956604, Ghatkesar – 9908018611, Sankarpalli – 970456744 (0841722-46) and Shamshabad – 08413223144.

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