How to arrange the kitchen? | Vastu tips for Kitchen room

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How to arrange the kitchen? | Vastu tips for Kitchen room


There is much significance for the kitchen. Delicious food is prepared for family members and guests here only. Most of the women spend their much time in this room only. To be convenient in this kitchen, it has to be arranged according to the vastu. Then, let us know the positions of kitchen and their effects.

Direction Result Analysis
North Average Small discrepancies may arise. Try using platform on the south-east direction.
South Good For healthy life, keep the burner on the south-east side. It helps in preventing burns to the fingers.
East Average To be healthy, shift the platform to west or south direction.
West Very good Health condition will be improved.
North-east Average Health problems may arise. Mental tension may arise. Try using platform to the south-east direction.
South-East Best Chances to improve in all aspects.
North- West Average Expenses will be on rise and savings become inevitable. Chances for fire accidents. Better to use platform in the south –east or south direction.
South West Average To avoid family disputes, switch platform to south or west direction. Keep the burner in the south east direction.

This is also important:

According to vastu, heat producing appliances should be placed in south-east or south direction only. So, keep the burner at the southeast direction or south direction. Burner should not be kept in northeast and north direction.

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