How to attend an interview? | What are steps to prepare for an interview?

August 18th, 2010| How To.

How to attend an interview? | What are steps to prepare for an interview?

The interview process will start when we think to attend an interview in a company. This process will be until the resume is selected or rejected. To succeed in the interview, one should combine the personal professionalism and skills and present it before the interviewer. We should make the interview believe that we can perform the duties well. Then only we will get the job.


We should know the complete details of the company and its history. We should practice the common questions asked in the interview. We should tell about ourselves and about the achievements we achieved. We should tell the reason to do job and our weakness and strong points.

Mock interviews:

Mock interviews help a lot in to overcome the stress facing in the first interview. We should able to answer the questions which are tuff for us. We should ask the friends to conduct mock interviews and we should be able to answer all the questions. We check our standards and we should try to improve when we do mistakes.


We should speak in a good communicative way so that the interviewer gets impressed. We should tell our eligibility and skills. We should listen to the questions carefully asked by the interviewer. We should check the time and give the answers only related to them. When we don’t know the answer, we should agree that we don’t know. We should not be irritated or impatient when more questions are asked. They ask more questions to test the behavior during stressed and we should be patient to answer all the questions.

We should the interview place before 15 minutes. Then we get the time to relax and so we can be stress free. The way of dressing also matters and we should dress in a professional manner to impress the interviewer.


As we enter the room of interviewer, we should wish them with smile and present confidence while standing. We should take the seat only when the interviewer offers us and we should listen to the questions asked by the interviewer by bending keeping our head close to him. We should answer the questions by looking straight into their eyes and this tells our energy and confidence levels. After the completion of the interview, we should thank the interviewer.