How to be able to take up and manage multiple tasks? | Importance of taking up multiple task as a part of job responsibilities

October 19th, 2010| How To.

How to be able to take up and manage multiple tasks? | Importance of taking up multiple task as a part of job responsibilities

One has to face many problems to reach one target in professional life.  The question before the team leaders now, is how to reach various targets at a time.  Many people are coming forward to take up multi tasking, but very few are successful.  Increments are given by the companies, only to those people who are ready to take up the challenge of multi tasking.  Team leaders are taking up multi tasking to get these increments.   At the same time they are doubtful whether they can be successful or not.  Various organizations, who are recovering from the effects of recession, are looking for candidates who can take many responsibilities at a time.  Experts are on the opinion that such people possess qualities like attention towards the profession, creativity and responsibility.  They also say that people who want to climb the success ladder should take up multi tasking. One should know the different angles in multi tasking to get many more increments.

  • Practicing multi tasking is important in this competitive world.  It may be compulsory sometimes as per the needs of the organization.
  • This method helps for the development of the organization.
  • Time management is necessary to perform two tasks at a time.
  • Taking up additional responsibilities may somewhat be difficult, but if one has total understanding of the two tasks, it is easy to be successful.
  • Decision making in important matters should be quick.
  • Give up carelessness.  Do not ever express arrogance in front of the colleagues as their co-operation is necessary to reach targets.

There may be problems because of concentrating on two goals at the same time.  Change in thinking is also possible.  It may take longer time to finish the two tasks.  There is no guarantee that the speed of the work will not be affected.  Recognizing order of importance is necessary.  This helps the team leader to take a decision on which task should be finished first.  There may be pressure because of the work load.  If they are not finished on time there is a chance to get impatient and blame the team mates.  Getting good results is not possible in such conditions.  Analyse the situations periodically.

To reach higher positions in career one may have to face many problems.  These problems can be caused by the colleagues or by the work pressure.  But people, who have this yearning to reach higher positions in career, will work hard and be successful.  The winning formula of a team leader is to finish the tasks in time whether they are one or more.   Multi tasking increases the self confidence.  And the higher authorities also will develop confidence in the team leader.

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