How to book e-ticket of railway reservation?

How to book e-ticket of railway reservation?

1. Open www.
2. Type the name and password, and do the login.
3. Type name, password and full address in application, and click on submit.
4. Fill up the ‘Plan My Travel and Tickets’ column.
5. Find the route, train, birth availability, ticket fare, then fill this column.
6. To make the payment, click on ‘Making Payment’.
7. Enter your Credit / Debut card details to book the train ticket.
8. e-tickets will charge Rs.20 as user charge.
9. For e-ticketing, details of photo identity should be mentioned.
10. One of the passenger in the e-ticket must show his identity to the TTE, when traveling.

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  1. When I want ti pay money,here not shown Indian overseas bank option.Then how i pay money.

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