How to choose right branch, best college in engineering courses | Importance of electronics and mechanic branches of engineering

July 31st, 2010| How To.

How to choose right branch, best college in engineering courses | Importance of electronics and mechanic branches of engineering

The importance of civil engineering is increased with the technical knowledge.  Any new technology developed has to be in the hands of civil engineers.  But the number of civil engineers available in India or in the world is much less than the demand.

ECE branch

A single day cannot be spent without using electronic devices.  ECE is the branch which can cater to the needs with researches and industries.  ECE engineers play a key role in designing devices.  All developed countries of the world are looking for good ECE engineers.  In developing countries like India fields like Solar power, Wind power, Nano technology and Nuclear power are vastly developing.  In this scenario wide opportunities are available for ECE engineers from electricity production procedure to establishment of industries.  There is a necessity for ECE engineering professionals in the special economic zones in which both government and private sectors are partners and also in fields like construction of national high ways, public transport etc.  Now technology is developing world wide.  So coming days will witness many new inventions in the electronic field.  ECE engineers will have plenty of opportunities in technology related fields like Telecommunication, IT industry, Healthcare Equipment, Manufacturing Industry, Mobile Communication, Internet Technologies, Power Electronics etc.  Government sector is also offering many jobs to these candidates.  Mainly All India Radio, Indian Telephone Industry, MTNL, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Air and Civil Aviation Department, Post and Telegraph Department, Bharat Electronics and Oil Industries provide plenty of opportunities to the engineers of ECE branch.

Mechanical Branch

One cannot imagine engineering field wit out mechanical branch.   In any vehicle, which travels on earth, sky or on water or in every machine designed,   Mechanical Engineer has a role to play.  So students should try to get maximum knowledge in this subject.  Thermal, design and production are the 3 important departments of Mechanical Engineering.  One can get hold of opportunities in the inventions of the modern society in Thermal Power Plants, Aero planes, Trains, DVDs, PCs, Mobiles and Robot technologies.  Many job opportunities are available in Space, Defense and Navy.  The role of mechanical engineer cannot be denied in building rockets and the propellers of ships.  Students of Mechanical branch get preference over the students of other branches.  A computer science student can only do an IT job.  But a mechanical Engineer has double job opportunities in all the fields.

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