How to donate the body? | FAQs of Dead Body Donation

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How to donate the body? | FAQs of Dead Body Donation

Firstly, the donor has to be clear in his decision of donating the body. An affidavit has to be prepared with the details of his full name, residence, town/city and other details as well as stating that he is agreeing to donate his body for the purpose of researches conducted by medical college students. This affidavit should be signed by the donor and also by another two persons as witnesses. It is better to get the acceptance and signatures of the family members and descendants in order to avoid legal problems to the medical college. The donor can mention the name of the medical college to which he is willing to donate. If is not clearly stated, family members can take a decision in this regard and can give the body to the nearest medical college.

Will it be against to religious beliefs?

No one will find fault with the religious beliefs. But there is a point here. It is a tradition to do final rituals to the dead body. It is necessary also. There are two methods in it. One is burning and other being burying. One will make the body into ashes and the other will turn it into mud. Some traditions say to put these ashes into water stream, so that it will also be united with the nature. Then there will not be any physical substance remaining. If wished, body donation can be made after conducting all the rituals as per the tradition. There is no fault in considering it to be another process as like burning and burying.

Are they dead bodies arranged to another person?

Except in the case of brain dead, there is no chance to arrange the donated body parts to others. They are used only for the researches. Also there is no chance to give the body after taking the necessary organs to the research. Since the eyes will be useful within four hours after death, they can be used for others. Once donated, the body will be totally dedicated to researches only. The procedure of usage of that body can be known, if interested.

How to hand over the dead body of a person, who does not have relative?

Orphans, who don’t have any relations, can also donate the body. If the related documents of acceptance are made ready and kept with them, then after the death, the body will be given to the medical college by friends or neighbors.

Do we need to send the dead body to the medical organizations?

There is no separate division for body donation in any university till now. Except in the case of voluntary donation, colleges will not show any interest… in this regard. They will not take up the tasks to getting those dead bodies. Necessarily, family members have to do it.

Is there any age limit for dead body donation?

There is no age limit. People of any age can donate the body. Also there are no obligations in the cases of any diseases. Even if the death is caused to a disease and regardless of the severity of the disease, the donated body will be useful for the research work.

Are there any helping organizations regarding Dead body donation?

There are organizations associated with the medical colleges in Warangal, Visakhapatnam, Anantapur and others. An organization namely Mohan Foundation will extend full support in this regard.

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