How to find Fake Rs.1000 Notes? What to do Next? and Precaution / Prevention tips

August 24th, 2009| Finance, How To.

fake rs.1000 noteAccording to Maharashtra State Anti Terrorism Squad reports, there are Rs 2000 Crore valued Rs.1000 fake notes are printed, and trying to push them into market. And those guys got  success in exchanging Rs.20 Crore value notes. So, it is requested to the Indians to please be careful, when you receive Rs.1000 notes.As per information, the Rs.1000 fake notes are printed with series of 2AQ and 8AC. So, please don’t take these series Rs.1000 notes.Many banks are doing the job of filling the notes in ATM, by out sourcing.They have to suppose to check the notes with sorting machine, where as they avoid with laziness. There the trouble will start. It will goes to all customers of that ATM. Many people can not identify those fake notes. Only few of bank employees can identify them. Then what about the noral people? What we have to do if we get the fake Rs.1000 notes in ATMs, what is our next step? If we can able to identify the fake note, then you are supposed to surrender that to nearer police station, with stating the details of how you got the fake note. But people may think risk to go to approach the police station or police. Police may also interrogate us. Then better to burn it. Because carrying fake notes is crime. And trying to exchange the fake notes is also crime. So, better to know the precautions. SBI bank is taking care in filling of notes in ATM. So, we can use SBI ATMs. And avoiding ATM is also one best way to avoid fake notes. Get knowledge about finding fake notes, which are displayed in all banks, on posters. And keep the list of fake note series. Or carry pen sized fake note detector. So, note down the fake note series of Rs.500.
Fake Rs.500 note series: 2AC, 4DC, 6AB, 6 AV, 6 CW, 7 AC, 8BD, 8BF, 8BP, 8BS, 8DC, 8DP, 8PC, 9AS, 9AR, 9BK, 9CN, 9PS
Fake Rs.1000 note series: 2AQ, 8AC, 2AC, 7CS, 8AT

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