How to Generate Electricity From Trees | Use Nano Electronic Devices to make use of Electricity From Trees

September 28th, 2009| How To, News.

Electricity From Trees

Electricity From Trees

The Electricity is generating from Air, Water, Fire, and from other measures. The present production is not sufficient for meeting the International demand.  Therefore the Scientists are taking steps to find new measures for generating additional power to meet the demand. Recently the Research scientists of Washington University have invented a new measure for generating electricity from trees. They have succeeded in this procedure. Practically they have produced 200 Milli Vats of electricity from the trees available in their University campus.

To the tree stem one electrode and some electrodes in the surroundings of the tree, will be placed immediately the generation of Electricity process is commenced. The Scientists have used the electricity exclusively generated from the tree i.e., from particular circuit placed on the stem. The Scientists have examined the circuit and found that the electricity developed by them from trees can be used. But the power production from the trees is very less. With this power no electronic devices will work. So there are doubts against the process of electric generation from trees.

The less production of electricity can be stored and it can be increased by using of Voltage Booster. Scientists have used the boosters, so that 20 milli volt powers was increased to 1.1 volts. For functioning of small sensors the electricity generated from the trees can be used and as it is sufficient. In American forestry fire accidents are happening regularly. Lakhs of acres of Forestry is getting ruined. To avoid this problem the American Government is encouraging the fire forecasting development organization to stop the loss of forest property.

Therefore this organization has arranging special sensors to the trees. The sensors can identify the fire accidents in advance and will give forecasting caution and about severity of accident. At present the electricity is providing to the special sensors by solar energy. If the cost of electricity produced from trees are found reasonable and stands technically, the Forest Development Organization can use the current for their needs. For this purpose the Scientists have developed Nano circuits. These nano circuits are  useful for saving the electricity and works efficiently. In fact a Nano circuit of130 Nano meters in size, has consumed 10 Nano volts electricity only. But the electricity produced from trees is not sufficient for maintenance of Electronic devises.

Day by day the NANO knowledge is developing and increasing. Therefore the Nano Electronic devices will be appeared shortly in the market. Then the electricity generation from the trees is substitute to the present electricity production.

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