How to get (Book) Accommodation at Dharmasthala? | Route (Road) Map to Dharmasthala from Bangalore

February 11th, 2010| Travel.

How to get (Book) Accommodation at Dharmasthala? | Route (Road) Map to Dharmasthala from Bangalore

Though it is not believable, is the fact which is proved in many surveys. It is also proved by the words of the tourists who visit Dharmasthala in Karnataka which is spreading its policies to all parts of the world. The construction of the Manjunadha temple of Dharmapuri completed around 800 years which is recognized as one of the famous pilgrimage place for the devotees. The Hegade family members are taking the responsibilities of the temple from many years onwards. The Veerendra Hegade one of the present family members of the Hegade hierarchy is looking after the responsibilities of the temple.

Settlements of the disputes

The settlement of the disputes is one of the interesting sectors in the Dharmasthali which is very famous. When there are problems between two groups, they are solved in this place and it is considered as the court for judgments. The procedure for the settlement of the disputes is very interesting where the two groups come to the Manjunadha temple and sit in front of the temple and put forward their dispute before Hegade and after listening to both the versions the Hegade settles the dispute by using his common sense which acceptable for both the parties. All the people believe the judgment given by the Hegade as the judgment given by the Lord Manjunadha. Though it sounds funny and different it is the fact.

Celebrations at Dharmasthala

Nine day celebrations are done for the festivals like dasara and vinayaka chavithi. “Laksha Deeptsavam” is one of the famous occasions that is celebrated in the temple where one lakh of the lightings are lit by ladies and people from many countries visit this temple to watch this feast. On the day of Shivarathri, radhotsavam is celebrated and on that day special offerings are given for the god like abhishekams and bhajans. Every year the celebrations are done in a grand way.

Route (Road) Map to Dharmasthala from Bangalore
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Dharmasthala is 300 Km away from Bangalore and another important city is 65 Km away from the Mangalore. There is airport and railway station near the temple. Besides these two places there are highway routes from Pune and Bombay to reach Dharmasthala.

Tourist temples and places in and around Dharmasthala

There are some of the tourist visible places like the Mnajunadha Swamy temple which is the famous one, Goddess Ammanavaru and the temples of gods Kala, Rahu, Kalarkayi, Kanyakumari and Kumara Swamy, Maha Ganapathi, Annappa temples  which are very famous. Another place called the Ekasila idol of Bahubali near Ratnagiri is very famous. Other visiting places like the Manjunadha Museum, Pushpa Vatika, and Vasantha Mahal which leaves a wonderful experience. other devotional temples which are 100 Km far away from Dharmasthala are kukke Subramanyeswara Temple, Varnadu Annapurneswari Temple and Udipi sri Krishna temple.

How to get (Book) Accommodation at Dharmasthala?

There are cottages, guest houses, satrams and private lodges with full facilities are there in the Dharmasthali for the devotees and piligrims. Devasthanam provides the utensils for the devotees who stay in the Sathrams to cook their food.


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