How to get PO post | Salary and Promotions of POs

July 27th, 2010| How To, Jobs.

How to get PO post | Salary and Promotions of POs

There is no particular field for the POs to work and so they are posted into all departments. There are different professions in the probationary field like forex operations, general banking, loans, merchant banking, cash dealing, check selection, check clearance, bill collection, loan processing and routine bank work. The duration is for two years and they should have the knowledge about all the fields in the bank. Based on the work they do, they are promoted.


The minimum salary is Rs.14500 and maximum is Rs.52000. the minimum starting salary is Rs.25000 and there are allowances along with Rs.10000 as rent.

Promotions of POs

It takes four years to grow from PO level to scale 2 managers and if we want to get the promotion in less time, we need to write the exam conducted by certified association of Indian institute of bankers. It takes two years to get the promotion from manager to senior manager and there is no restriction that the Pos should be promoted only up to certain level. They can also reach the positions like executive director and bank chairman with hard work, execution, communication skills, honesty, dedication and planning.

How to enter?

Based on the banks, they should obtain 55% or 60% marks in any degree and there is a 5% concession for SC, ST and PWD candidates. Their age should not cross 30 years and there is a concession for SC, ST of five years and 3 years for OBC candidates. The physically handicapped candidates are given a concession of 10 years. They should have computer knowledge.

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