How to get promotions by expressing your novel ideas useful for the growth of the company?

October 16th, 2010| How To.

How to get promotions by expressing your novel ideas useful for the growth of the company?

Discover the ideas and thoughts

Success in career is possible when an employee is able to get a special recognition in the eyes of higher authorities.  He should be able to give worthy advices.  One should be able to overcome small problems like this by discovering own thoughts and be an asset to the organization.

Corporate companies give priority to provide better products.  They compete with other companies to be on top.  These companies conduct periodical reviews to be in the competition.  Meetings are arranged with the employees.  They take valuable advices from the employees.  The employees should be able to utilize this opportunity to get recognition among the higher authorities and colleagues. This quality will be added at the time of increments and promotions.

Be bold

Many employees cannot freely express their thoughts before their managers.  They doubt that boss may not give importance to their ideas.  First and foremost give up such thoughts.  Do not hesitate to express the thoughts before higher authorities.  Express thoughts boldly.  Explain the targets and benefits.  Recognition will automatically come.


Keep an eye on the information on latest discoveries and developments in the field.  Valuable information can be get from searching the internet.  Deeply analyse the information available in the magazines and newspapers.  Only then new ideas can be discovered.

Do not lose hope

Your ideas and views may be beneficial for the development of organization but they may not be implemented immediately.  There may be pending projects, so they may not want to start new projects now.  Or there may be some drawbacks in your ideas.  Do not be depressed.  Wait for the good opportunity.  Get encouraged thinking of new ideas for the development of the organization.

When the ideas and thoughts are shared with the colleagues, take great care. Do not share the ideas when they are in the primary stage.  Colleagues may hijack the idea. They may even get praised and promotions from the boss for your idea. Share the thoughts only with close friends.  Be careful with such people.  If such people are in the high positions it is a great loss to the organization.

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