How to get success in the management course? | What are the factors to be considered while selecting a management college?

September 13th, 2010| Education.

How to get success in the management course? | What are the factors to be considered while selecting a management college?

The student’s hard work places a vital role in success of any course along with the faculty, good college, placements and facilities. To get the best result of the investment done in these two years, the students should change a lot. The investment not only includes the money invested but also the time spared in these two years. There should be dedication of the student in this to years and they should implement the things which were taught in the classroom. This is very important for the students of all subjects. We should check the management and capability of a college before selecting it. We should also know whether the college is willing to spend the money on the students in any cases. We should also check whether the management is helping the students in improving their knowledge in the business field and making them understand the principles for the business. The student should able to develop totally in the college in all the fields.


The faculty plays an important role in influencing the life of a student. We should see the qualification of the faculty and their experience in teaching field. It will be very useful when the faculty is experienced in various fields.

  • The faculty who worked in the industries is very useful to the students as they have the experience. The faculty from various places and experienced in various fields help the students learn many things. The old students of the college are very helpful in giving the correct details of the college. They also give the details of the career after the degree.
  • If the old students are working as faculty, it is very useful as they can give the details of the college and other information.

Business person:

Many students think that the placements are very important and the colleges also advertise on this basis only. The college and the faculty should bring out the business person in a student and it is main duty to do. The students should get the capability to establish their own business and they should know the all the things which are required for that. A good business school will prepare the student completely to be business man and they won’t advertise by showing the placements. The placements will come automatically for the schools where there are students who are completely taught everything in business.

  • Many of them believe that the business schools prepare the students as independent business people. We should also see that whether any students are doing business while the companies are investing. After that we should see the quality of the placements.

M.D.P Programs:

It is good if there is management development programs in the college as the people who are working in the industry are given these programs. We can estimate the faculty and college capability with the help of these programs. There will be good response from the companies when there is experienced faculty in teaching them. The experience of the faculty is shared with the students and so it may help them during the placements.

Research and consulting:

The important things in the management are to add the new things to the existing ones and implementing them. This is possible only when there are researches going on in the college and the articles written by the lecturers should be printed in the popular magazines. The research results and the articles in the magazines can be used by the students.

  • It will be more useful if the lecturers are working in any consultants for the industries. They can impart the knowledge about the industries, thoughts and the students can get the information and knowledge how to do the business.
  • Few colleges will include some companies while giving the training so that the companies will give the training as they want in the starting. They will keep the back office to make the students understand easily.
  • We should give importance to the colleges which give the permission to spend more time in the industries. And we should also see whether the college gives the importance to the projects done in industries.
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