How to know the details of a college? | Engineering college details

August 9th, 2010| How To.

How to know the details of a college? | Engineering college details

IITs are the best colleges in the country for engineering and IIMs are the best colleges for management courses. We don’t know about these colleges and we want to know about them. The students who studied there will know better about the college than anyone. So to know about any college in the country, we can visit the We should immediately register in this site to know the details of the colleges. The main concepts of the site are students studying in the college and old students studied in the college. The students can post their experiences and photos in their everyday life in this site. They can also grade the colleges and the details of more than 8000 colleges are there in this site.

The home page will attract the people with less pictures and the language will be simple like the font. There will be reviews of the colleges in the upper part of the page and by clicking on the colleges; the students can read the reviews given by others. There will be three sections at the bottom of the page. The details of the colleges, courses, career articles and interviews can be read in the help line. The students from top colleges will be online to help others and the interesting thing in this site is the college reviews. We can enjoy reading the reviews of the students and slowly there will be funny comments. The short words used in the twitter attract more and are called as hinglish.

When we take details of a college, we can see the introduction, student reviews, events and pictures of that college. The college grades are also shown and these are given based on the course content, facilities, fee, placements and IT equipment. So this site is very useful for the students before joining in the college. Not only the popular colleges, the corner colleges are also there. If we are bored with the college reviews, we can see the career resource. There are many articles and interviews in this topic. The admission helpline helps in the admission details of the college. We can also get the details of courses, colleges and internships in this site. And if few mistakes are neglected, this site will be very useful.

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