How to maintain the team as a team leader? | How can we become a successful team leader?

September 3rd, 2010| How To.

How to maintain the team as a team leader? | How can we become a successful team leader?

Corporate companies give importance to the team leaders and the team leader should make their team work with patience and very cool nature. The team members in the team will have different types of thoughts and they work in different ways. We should work with then daily and we should talk to them daily even it is very difficult for us.

The team leader should divide the project into parts and complete the given project in given time. They should also assign the work to them and few of them try to complete the work fast where as others try to do the work by following the instructions of the team leader. Few others discourage the other team members before the work is started and others will concentrate on the other things except work. They try to disturb the relations between the team members and they spoil the environment in the team. And few others complain the manager that they are not guided properly. The team leader should bear all these and work with patience. They can solve the problem by presenting the team skills.

No planning:

Few people work blindly even though we give the work to them and tell them how to do it.  These people work without planning and they disturb all the people in the team. So we should listen to them and then prepare a proper plan and give them. This planning may help to solve this problem. We need to guide them for few days and then they will start to work themselves.

Negative nature:

There will be people with negative nature and they start to think in a negative way. They won’t be able to complete a small task even though it is very simple and they start the work with negative feelings. We should just neglect them and then they slowly change their way. We should take care that their effect should not fall on the team.


There will be some people who will create gossips and bring inconvenience to the team. The work nature of the team gets spoiled and we should take them to the top manager to stop them disturbing the team and spoiling the relations. It is possible to grow as a successful team leader if they work with patience and hard work.

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