How to prepare Andhra Pesarattu (పెసరట్టు)? | Telugu recipe Pesarattu Photos

April 18th, 2010| News.

How to prepare Andhra Pesarattu (పెసరట్టు)?

Ingredients for pesarattu

Green gram   -   one cup

Green chili   -   6

Ginger pieces   -   one teaspoon

Jeera powder   -   one teaspoon

Coriander   -   one teaspoon

Onions   -   2

Salt   -   to taste

Preparation method of Pesarattu

-          The green gram is to be soaked in the water one day before.

-          The next day separate the water from the gram and make it into a fine paste by adding the ginger and green chili and later on add the salt, jeera, coriander leaves and keep a side for a few minutes.

-          Place a non stick pan on the stove and after the pan becomes heat, apply oil to it and place the mixture of the green gram on it in the form of a dosa. Let it fry on both the sides until it becomes golden brown in color.

-          After the dosa is fried, add a teaspoon of onion to it and take it with the combination of upma which is very tasty and yummy.

Telugu recipe Pesarattu (పెసరట్టు) Photos

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