How to prepare for EDCET 2010? Subject wise suggestions for preparation of EDCET 2010

March 29th, 2010| Education.

How to prepare for EDCET 2010? Subject wise suggestions for preparation of EDCET 2010

One of the reasons for the increase of the competition for the EDCET is the increase of the salaries for the teachers after the modifications that are done in the pay scale. The other reasons like the doubtful conditions in case of the other jobs like no job security and so on stood to give tough and more competition for the EDCET. On the other hand with the increase of the colleges, securing the seat in the EDCET had become very easy. The EDCET results are been released in the end of the month of July.

EDCET contains of Three Sections. They are as follows:
-          Part A: General English
-          Part B: General Knowledge and Teaching Aptitude
-          Part C: the question paper of the subject (methodology) which is chosen by the candidate will be in the multiple choice model. There are 150 marks for 150 questions and there is no negative marking.

Teaching Aptitude
The interest of the candidate on teaching is been tested in this section. Especially the topics like differences in the children, communication ability, analyzing capacity, general intelligence levels are been tested in this section. This is a section where answering the questions using the intelligence is the main idea of this section. The questions are based on the topics like the good qualities that a teacher should possess and the principles that are to be followed by the teacher in different situations are asked. The candidates can easily answer these questions just by recollecting the past days of their studies. By preparing the last years EDCET model papers, one can easily go through this section.

General Knowledge
The ability of the candidate regarding the knowledge they are having on the social issues and relating them to the real life and examining them are tested in this round through questions. The interest of the candidates regarding the daily activities are been tested in this round. The candidate had to concentrate mainly on the topics like basic general knowledge topics past topics and so on is necessary for qualifying the test.

-          General Knowledge is a very wide topic so do not try to gain complete knowledge on this topic. By referring the previous year question papers one can estimate the type of questions that are expected and referring the below mentioned subjects is essential to get through this section.

-          The topics related to the basic general knowledge like different countries, their capitals, currency, their geographical importance are to be prepared. Knowledge regarding the topics like cultures of different countries, monumental constructions, the countries which constructed them, festivals, and important scriptures and so on are to be prepared.

-          Knowledge about the various awards, prizes, sports, SARC, ASIAN conferences places, great personalities, situations and so on are to be prepared.

General English
English is playing a vital role in deciding the score of the candidates in the EDCET. As most of the candidates are being from the telugu medium background till their graduation they feel that all the questions are of the same level. Generally the questions will be from the tenth standard level. The topics covered under this section are as follows:
-          Reading Comprehension
-          Correction of Sentences, Articles, Prepositions, Tenses, Spelling
-          Vocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms
-          Transformation of Sentences- Simple, Complex and Compound.
-          Voices, Direct Speech and Indirect Speech.

Methodology Subjects
The questions are based on the degree level group subjects. The questions are asked from the 8,9,10 standards topics only. But the questions will be in the degree syllabus level. So to get good score in this section good knowledge on the degree group subjects is very important.

It is one of the important subjects which consists of many important topics. The topics covered under this subject like Sets and relations, Matrix, trigonometry, circles and so on. By preparing these topics and principles in an order daily is very useful for the preparation of the exam.

Physical and Chemical Sciences
The questions will be based physical science to test the basic knowledge of the candidates regarding the physical science is been tested in this section. The candidates had to prepare the important topics, principles, explanations, definitions and so on daily in their preparation. The intermediate topics are to be read carefully in the physical science especially the topics like mechanical science, electrical, magnetism science are to be covered with great care.

-          For the chemical science the intermediate books are to be read for the topics like Elements, physical and chemical sciences and the degree books are for the topics like Carbon and chemical science topics. There are chances of getting the equal number of questions from these three topics.

-          Life science candidates had to prepare the topics like animals excretory system, photosynthesis.

Social Sciences
The questions from the subjects like Civics, Geography, economical science and history are been asked in this paper. The geography questions are very difficult when compared to the other question papers when observed in the previous year model papers. As the number of questions are more in this subject, the candidates had to give more importance to this subject. The topics covered under tenth standard are to be prepared well. If the preparation is done based on the Atlas and Map reading it will be very easy to remember the topics and subject.

-          In Civics, the Indian Constitution, political system, and on the international relations are to be covered and concentrated mainly in this section.

-          In Economics, the questions from the  micro Economics  are more in number. There will be questions even from the Indian Development also. Especially on the five year plans, taxes, currency system, banking, population and so on are covered. The past news of these topics are to be learnt.

-          The questions from the modern age are covered in the History. Especially, cultural reformation, caste revolution, the revolutions in Europe and America, world wars and so on are been covered under this section. Coming to the Independence of our country, the various stages, sindhu civilization, Buddha and Jain Religions, Mouryas, Guptas, modern North Indian history are to be prepared for this section.

How to Apply for EDCET 2010
-          The candidates who did their BA/ BSc/ BSc home science/ B.Com/ BCA/ BBM are eligible to appear for the EDCET exam. The candidates who are writing their final year and who completed their final year are also eligible to write this exam.

-          The open category candidates had to secure 50% of marks in their graduation and for the reserved category students 40% is essential.
-          One can apply through post or online for the EDCET- 2010.
-          The last date for the submission of the filled applications is April 29, 2010.
-          For further information and details log in to the website www. or www.