How to prepare for Junior lecturer exam

July 9th, 2010| Education, How To.

How to prepare for Junior lecturer exam:

As the exam is postponed, they get the time to prepare again. They should the topics in which they are weak. This helps the candidate excel in the group exams.

  • They should study the subject until the exam date is given and this is the right time to concentrate on the topics in general studies.
  • They should utilize this time to get the grip on the current affairs and this is helpful for the students who try to pass with the current affairs. It is better to study the concept than bits.
  • There will be questions asked on the general studies in the junior lecturer exam and this type of questions on general knowledge won’t be asked in any other group exam.
  • If the importance is not given to the test questions, then they should concentrate on them.
  • Those who neglected the general studies should concentrate and learn it.

The importance should be given to the intermediate syllabus and then only the candidate will be answer the advanced questions based on them.

  • They should revise the new advancements in the subjects and they should study the topics related to the advancements.
  • It is better to concentrate on the other topics also which are not there in the syllabus.

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