How to prepare for the SI exams? | What are the topics to be concentrated while preparing for the SI exams?

August 10th, 2010| How To.

How to prepare for the SI exams? | What are the topics to be concentrated while preparing for the SI exams?

The paper 3 and paper 4 are very important in the SI postings and it is enough to get qualifying marks in the first two papers to write this exam. The marks in the paper 3 and paper 4 play a vital role in the job opportunities. So the candidates should understand the paper and practice accordingly to get good marks. They should know about the topics which are given importance in the previous exams.

The paper 3 and paper 4 will be for 200 marks which decide the admissions for the sub inspector post. There will be 200 questions in paper3 for 200 marks and the questions will be on arithmetic and mental ability (reasoning). The candidates can answer the correct questions only when they have grip on the basic knowledge and so the candidate should update the knowledge regularly. They should also memorize the important formulae by writing all of them at one place only. They should practice the questions on numbers, whole numbers, decimals, fractions and percentages in the arithmetic category.

  • They should know the problems on the percentages, profit or loss, change in the value when there is change in the percentage, value of the changed product from one state to another.
  • In the time-work and tanks- taps, the problems will be given on filling the tanks and emptying the tanks and change of time based on the work.
  • They should learn the problems on time- distance, rail speed, distance, velocity, length of the train and number of platforms.
  • They should learn the calculations on the interest rates, simple interest and compound interest for annually, half yearly and 3 months. They should obtain the relation between the simple interest and compound interest.
  • They should also study the problems on triangles, squares, rectangles, circumference, area and volume.

Mental ability:

There will be questions related to directions, alphabetical order, letter series, analogy, ranking, arrangement and puzzles. There will be more questions from the non verbal reasoning and logical reasoning parts. They should study the questions on data sufficiency, judgment, statement – conclusion and other topics in these fields. To get the grip in this area, they should practice the questions from the railway recruitment and bank exam papers. It is enough to practice the 7, 8, 9 and 10th class books to answer the questions in the mathematics category that were asked in the 2008 September exam.

  • The candidates should have the grip on the numerical problems and basics in the reasoning category.
  • They should practice to get the grip in every field after practicing the basics. They should analyze and concentrate on the questions which take more time and they need to practice in that part.
  • The school level books will help a lot in the numerical and maths fields.

The candidates can discuss the doubts to clarify them easily and they should have the time sense while writing the exam. The preparation should be done for 4-5 hours daily on this part. The mental ability and numerical parts should be given more practice. They can achieve the success by practicing these fields and they should do it on paper other than reading them.

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