How to Reach Amarnath Holy Cave? | Amarnath Yatra Guide (Route / Road Map) from Jammu / Sri Nagar /Pahalgam

September 29th, 2009| Travel.

Amarnath is Place in Jammu & Kashmir, where Lord Amarnath Holy cave is situated. In the mythological stories of Hindus, there is a story about this Holy Cave. Lord Shiva told the secrets of immortality, to her Lovely wife Goddess Parvati. At that time, there was a egg under his deer skin, on which Lord Shiva was sat. Two pigeons were born from that egg and, they listened the secrets of immortality. Now-a-days, devotees look a pair of pigeons near Holy cave, say that the pegions are still alive, as they know the secret of immortality. Amar means immortality. So, the Holy cave named as Amarnath, according to this story.

This Amarnath Yatra can be done in the months of July and August only.

How to Reach Amarnath Holy Cave?

To reach Amarnath, there is a traditional route from Pahalgam.That is Pahalgam-Chandanwari-Pissu Top-Sheshnag-Panchtarni-Amarnath Holy Cave. Pahalgam is situated at 315 KM from Jammu. Or 96 Kms away from Srinagar. There are direct flights from New Delhi to Sri Nagar.

The traditional Amarnath Yatra starts from Pahalgam. In Pahalgam, there are good hotels for accommodation. You can’t find AC hotels here, as the nature itself here is so chilling. All essentials to the Yatra are available here.

The first halt in this yatra is Chandanwari, situated at 16 kms away from Pahalgam. This can be covered by vehicle transport. This route runs along with the river Lidder. Food can be available in Chananawari. Devotees stay here for the first night of this yatra.

Next day morning Yatris start to trek to reach Sheshnag via Pissu Top. The total distance between Chandanwari and Sheshnag is 12 KM. The Sheshnag is named that place, because there are seven peaks, reminds the Adi Sheshu (The snake, on which Lord Vishnu sits) in the mythological story. And there is a lake called Sheshnag, at that place. But the travel between this Chandanwari and Sheshnag is with steep slopes, and narrow ways. Sheshnag is the second night halt place for pilgrims.

The next day devotees has to start to reach Panchtarni. To reach there, pilgrims has to trek 4.6 KM up to reach Mahagunas Pass. Mahagunas Pass is elevated at 4276 Mts above MSL. and descend towards Panchtarni which is 3657 Mts above sea level(MSL). There are 5 rivers in that area, which gave the name Panchtarni to that place. In this way, pilgrims may face problems like skin cracks due to cool breeze, breathing problem due to deficiency of oxygen, and  vomiting sensation. So, it is better to travel with cold creams, lemons to avoid vomiting. So, it is suggestible that, only healthy people have to travel in this journey. Pilgrims believe that the five rivers in Panchtarni are came from the Lord Siva’s hair. Devotees stay at Panchtarni, of their 3rd day night of Holy Amarnath Yatra.

The next day morning, devotees has to continue their journey to Amarnath Holy Cave. It is 6 KMs journey. Before reaching Amarnath Holy cave, Sangam of Amaravti will come. There devotees will take bath before going to Lord Shiva Darshan. The soil before the cave is white in color. Devotees believe that, the soil is Shiva’s loved Vibhudi. Pilgrims apply that soil to their bodies, before entering into the cave.

In Amarnath Holy cave, there are two more ice Lingas, represents Lord Ganesh and Goddess Parvati. The main Ice Linga is called Lord Shiva Linga. It will be there in Shravana masa of Hindu calender. The size of Linga varies according to phase of moon. That means, the Ice Lingam grows with moon till full moon day, and decreases as moon decreases its size after full moon day.

After Holy Darshan, some pilgrims reach Panchtaruni on the same day and stay for that night. But some devotees continue their return journey till Sheshnag and stay there for that night.

Next day morning they can start their journey to reach Chandanawari, from there they can catch vehicles to reach Pahalgam. By reading this itself, one can feels the experience. Isn’t it? Try to visit Amarnath, when you are healthy, and get the Lord Shiva’s blessings.

Road (Route) Map to Amarnath Holy Cave:

ROUTE MAP to Amaranath Holy Cave

ROUTE MAP to Amaranath Holy Cave

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