How to reach Edupayalu (Yedupayalu) | Edupayala (Yedupayala) jatara on occasion of Shivaratri

February 12th, 2010| News, Travel.

How to reach Edupayalu (Yedupayalu) | Edupayala (Yedupayala) jatara on occasion of Shivaratri

The temple of Durgamaata is one of the famous and powerful temples which is located in the Pedda Gutta Soramgam which is also called as Garuda Ganga and the temple is situated where the Manjeera river flows in a small distance.

The specialty of this temple is it is formed with the names of seven sages who are famous in the Indian mythology and the names are Jamadagni, Atri, Kasyapa, Viswamitra, Vasistha, Bharadwaja and Gowtama, and a feast is celebrated every year during the time of Shiva Ratri and the name of that feast is Seven Payala Jaatara.

It is a well known fact from the historical information, that this temple is formed in the 12th century itself. The goddess Durga is originated first in the Paapanna Pet Mandalam at Nagsanpalli region out skirts. The feast is celebrated for one week every year starting from the Shiva Ratri season. Once upon a time this area is very silent with no population and human being wandering there but after the origin of this Durga temple, the Seven branches of river Manjeera became very famous with a number of devotees.

Every year, around thirty lakhs of devotees worship the Goddess Durga. To watch this occasion the devotees not only from our country come here but from various parts of the country come to worship goddess Durga. The Manjeera River which had its origin at Beedar and flowing at Medak and Nizamabad districts is acting as the sub division of the river.

The Manjeera River is divided into seven branches and flow till three km and merges at nizamabad and the place where these seven branches unite is called as seven branches of the river. This feast is celebrated for the goddess who is originated in the tunnel.  Some of the famous places in Garuda Ganga are Ekothara Sathakundalam, Papala Madugu, Munni putta, Tapho Bhumi.  Piligrims belives that if they take their bath in the papala madugu lake all there sins are vanished.

How to Go to reach Edupayalu (Yedupalau) | Road map to Edupayalu (Yedupalau)

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  • Andhra Pradesh Road transport corporation is operating special busses to the pilgrim place from 16th of this month by keeping the crowed in view.
  • The busses ply from Jubilee Bus station to Edupayalu.

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