How to reach Lepakshi ? | Road (Route) Map of LEPAKSHI

November 8th, 2009| Travel.

LEPAKSHI-NANDIHow to reach Lepakshi ? From Andhra Pradesh in the direction of south west, in the border of Karnataka state adjust ant to Ananthapur district of A.P and from Hindupoor in the east direction with in a distance of 14 km the Lepakshi is located.

The Lepakshi is a big village. From Hindupoor, buses are available to Lepakshi village. On hearing the name of Lepakshi, every body remembers about the biggest “NANDI” idol. This “Nandi” idol is in 27 feet length and it is famous as biggest idol in the world.

In Lepakshi, there is a temple on the name of “Veerabhadra”. No body knows clearly about this temple. The greatness of stone sculptures (silpam) cannot express in words. At the end of Lepakshi village 100 feet height rock hill type (gutta) is there. Surrounding this hillock, big porticos (mandapamulu) and with minimum 100 feet radius compound wall is found.

In side of this temple, 20 feet height one stone curved sculpture is available. Before this temple the shining figures with Mythological stories can be seen. Till today the shinning of figures is remains same. The colors used in these figures and the manufacturing formulae are not known to any body.

In this temple premises area, in one Mandapam, the famous “ hanging stone” is available. Several unfinished constructions like foundations and pillars on the foundations are found. The curved sculpture on the pillars quality can not be explained in the words.

In the temple area 20 feet height i.e., in one stone the Lord of Nagendra idol is available. As on today also the shining of the idol is not reduced, still it shines very glittery. The stories related to Mythology (Puranams) are available.

Several Artists and painters will visit this place and stay several days for copying the sculptures, figures, and designs.

The famous Lepakshi saris have been recognized on the name Lepakshi designs only. All the sarees designs are copies from this sculptures and designs found in the figures of this temple. There are no handlooms centers nearer to Leepakhi village.

From this temple within distance of 100 meters the idol of Nandi is available. In the village out scout fields and without any protection this idol is standing alone.

At the temple area by the road side small hotels are available. There are no better facilities in Lepakshi. As such all the tourists will start from Hindupoor and return after seeing all the places in the Lepakshi.

Road (Route) Map of LEPAKSHI from Bangalore:

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Driving directions to Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh
SH 9
118 km
2 hours 8 mins
Salem Bye Pass
124 km
2 hours 13 mins
Bengaluru, Karnataka
1. Head south on Vittal Mallya Rd
0.5 km
2. Sharp right at Rajaram Mohan Roy Rd
0.6 km
3. Slight right towards Kasturba Rd
0.2 km
4. Continue straight onto Kasturba Rd
1.4 km
5. Turn left at Queen’s Rd/Salem Bye Pass

Continue to follow Salem Bye Pass
12.6 km
6. Slight left at Bellary Rd
1.5 km
7. Turn left at Doddaballapur Rd
24.6 km
8. Slight left at NH 207/SH 9

Continue to follow SH 9
62.7 km
9. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
14.4 km
Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

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