How to reach Vaishno Devi Temple | Helicopter Services to Vaishno Devi Temple

November 10th, 2009| Travel.

How to reach Vaisho DeviHow to reach Vaishno Devi Temple

From Hyderabad several train services are available to New Delhi station. If the tourists choose the trains available in the afternoon, on the next day at 9-00 am they will reach the Delhi. In the day time they can see some important places in Delhi city and then start to Lucknow from Delhi by night 8-00 pm. In the Lucknow they can see some tourist places. Again they have to commence night journey so as to reach Jammu. On reaching Jammu they have a direct bus to ‘Katra’ from this place the Vaishno devi temple is located with in 14 Km distance.

The tourist can choose foot way or riding on small horse to reach the Vaishno devi temple. In the horse riding route some distance is covered with steps and found some plain surface. There are several check points. After completion of check only the tourists can commence their traveling. For taking rest by the tourists, horses and horse riders for two kilometers one shed is available. If rain comes the sheds are useful for them. If the tourists start by afternoon nearly at 2 -00 pm they may reach the temple area at 6-30 p.m.

The foot trekking route has covered with so many curves. In between the route one cave is there. The tourists have to across this cave with many attempts like climbing and sliding etc. This trekking experience definitely give happiness to the tourists. For Darshan there will be a queue. In the queue thorough check will be conducted by the authorities. The items (Pooja samagri) brought by tourists, will be checked. Only the sari’s are allowed to carry with the devotees. As per the discussed time schedule the Mataji darshan will be available to the tourists on the same day by 10-00 p.m.

The Vaishno devi, will be found always in golden color and with beautiful decoration. The idol is a small one and it always shines. The Gangotri, touches the Vaishno devi and goes forward. For convenience of tourist devotees the steps are arranged. Previously in the water only the tourists have reach nearer to Vaishno Devi idol and had darshan. In prasadam, Kova (Milk preparation) Maramaralu (rice product) and a small coin with idol figure of Vaishno devi will be given to the tourists. After completion of Darshan the tourists can have their dinner in the available restaurants.

The tourist can stay free in the available guest houses and rooms. If Rs. 100/- has been deposited, they will be provided with two blankets on return basis. On return of blankets the deposit will be refunded to the tourists. In this place always the cold air is prevailed. On the hill there are no houses. Only limited hotels/restaurants/guest houses are available. These are developed only for the convenience of tourists.

The entire village is located in the bottom of the hill. Next day morning the tourists have to return to ‘Katra’. If the tourists starts at 7-30 a.m on the hill they will reach to ‘Katra’ by 10-30 am. In return journey the route covered in their up journey is found common for some extent. After traveling some distance the road divider will come at that place the tourist can have some refreshments/meals etc. From this place the tourists have to reach Jammu by bus. From Jammu they can travel to New Delhi by train.

From the bottom of hill to reach temple located on the hill, the tourist has to reach the place of “Katra” From Katra 13 Km trekking is there. Or the tourists can use small horses or Helicopter.

The nearest Aerodromes and Railway stations: The nearest airport and railway station are there in Jammu. To Jamu from all important places of the country train facilities are available. From Jammu on road the tourist has to reach “Katra”

By Road:

The North people having bus facilities from their states directly to Katra .The southern people have reach Jammu compulsorily.

Helicopter Services to Vaishno Devi Temple :

This service will be available only in good weather conditions. The charges for adult is Rs.1225, for the child between 2 and 12 years, it costs Rs. 610. The tariff for less than 2 years kids, is absolutely free. Maximum of 6 passengers can travel in this helicopter. Helipad in Katra is 2 Km away from Katra Bus stand.  The helicopter facility is available between 8AM and 5PM only. This service is provided from Katra to Sanjhichatt.  The journey duration is 8 minutes. Online advance booking facility is there in www.

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