How to Save Fuel (Cooking Gas) nearly 20%?

April 16th, 2013| News.

How to Save Fuel (Cooking Gas) nearly 20%

This is only for the house wives who can save nearly 20% of cooking gas where they can save a lot of gas for future use. The secret behind this gas saving of up to 20% is just by putting a lid on the utensils while cooking.

Some of the tips to save the cooking gas are as follows:

  • Try to use pressure cooker while cooking
  • The new gas stove can save up to 5% of cooking gas.
  • Soak the rice and pulses before cooking so that they cook faster and saves the gas.
  • It is better to cook in large utensils where the cooking is done faster.

If every Indian follow all these tips and cook the food we can save around Rs.4000 crores every year on the gas bills. If you have any more tips put it on the website so that it reaches all the people. The website address is www.