How to score in Group 2 exam

July 9th, 2010| Education, How To.

How to score in Group 2 exam:

As the date for the exam is not given, the candidates are not preparing seriously and 4 lakh members may write the exam. To get success in this exam, it is better to prepare seriously from the beginning only.

General studies important subjects:


The questions asked in the exam are mainly from the 6,7,8,9 chapters. Few questions will be in the top level and the Telugu academy competitive books will be useful.

Finance department:

The basics can be read from the school level books and the financial growth in these 57 years should be known. The changes in the finance department and the need sub departments should be studied. The 2010 -11 budget, economic survey and rural development concepts are important.


The school level books are helpful but mainly we should concentrate on the graduate level Telugu academy books.

General science:

The physical science books from 6th to 10th classes help and the new developments in the science and technology are important.

Indian history:

The graduation level books are important and the previous question papers help a lot.

Mental ability:

The preparation of previous question papers is helpful and the books based on the mental ability in the market should be studied.

Scoring target:

Paper Extent Preparation process Attainable marks
Paper 1 (general studies) Extendable medium level preparation 110 – 120
Paper 2 (politics + AP history) Up to some extent Medium level 130-140
Paper 3 (Indian, AP economy) More More preparation 115 -125

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