How to select a sari and blouse? | Tips to be followed while selecting the sari, according to taste and preference

September 12th, 2010| How To.

How to select a sari and blouse? | Tips to be followed while selecting the sari, according to taste and preference

select a sari and blouse

Selection of a sari

Marriage season has begun with the onset of Sraavana maasam.  Marriage means shopping buying clothes and much more.  Many designs of saris attract the women.  But to decide on one design is difficult.  New trends are introduced in marriage saris every season.  Let us know the changing designs and tastes of women.

Tradition is given the seat of honor in auspicious occasions.  With the changing time woman has not distanced herself from sari.  Young heroines are also fans of the sari.  Young ladies could be seen mesmerizing the people around by wearing the age old sari in college anniversaries and on fresher’s days.  Sari is to be worn according to the own styles of individuals to brought out the real beauty.

Different states and various tastes

The Style of draping the sari changes from state to state.  Women belonging to northern states, especially in Delhi, love to wear shining saris with chamkis, georgette, chiffon and Banaras saris. Women of southern states love Kanchivaram saris, ethnic saris are loved in Maharastra.  Women of Hyderabad have a great taste.  They give importance to Uppada and Gadwal varieties.  Kanchivaram saris also like by this women.  Kanchivarm saris are purely traditional. New design to suit to the tastes of present generation is available now.  Silk collections with party pallu, elobarate pallu, fully open pallu, pallu with paintings of Ravi Verma,  themes like Ravan  are creating great interest among women.  Along with these northern fashions also are accepted here.  These saris are available for a price of Rs.3,000 and more.

Foot wear

Accessories are also important along with a good sari.  Do not forget to carry a hand bag and to wear footwear to match the sari.  Apart from these, the way you carry yourself and the confidence are what that matters most

Tips to select a sari

Women who are chubby should not go for saris with horizontal lines.  Big borders are not suitable to these people. All colors do not look good on them.  Choose dark colors which help to look thin. Women who are thin should not wear saris which have vertical lines.  All saris look good on these women.

Women with dark complexion should choose clothes in colors like orange, shocking pink, maroon, gold and mustard.

Fair complexioned women can experiment with colors.  Blue and shocking pink enhance the beauty of these women.

Selection of blouse

An appropriate blouse on a sari doubles the beauty.  Same sari with different blouses looks brand new.  Many varieties of blouses are available starting from a price of Rs.300.  Blouses help to conceal the physical shortcomings. Sleeveless blouses are not suitable for fat people.  These are suitable for women with delicate frame.  Short sleeves were in fashion earlier.  There are long, full, ¾ and short sleeves also.  Three fourth hands with embroidery, simple cuts and backless blouses will look terrific.

Women with delicate frame can wear any variety of saris or blouses.  Short sleeves will also look good on them.  Chubby and dark complexioned women should go for medium sleeves instead of short sleeves.


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