How to select the college for admission into MBA | Questionnaire that helps in getting to a primary estimation about an MBA college

July 27th, 2010| Education, How To.

How to select the college for admission into MBA | Questionnaire that helps in getting to a primary estimation about an MBA college

ICET 2010 counseling notification is going to be released soon. MBA is the main source that successful ICET candidates are showing interest on. There are hundreds of MBA colleges in Andhra Pradesh. Though it is not a difficult task to get a seat, competition is inevitable in getting a seat in renowned and standard colleges. It is better to know about the conditions of different colleges, even before the commencement of counseling process. By analyzing the trend of counseling of last year, one can come to some estimation on present year counseling.

Implementation only when facilities are provided…..

Only if there are facilities provided in the colleges, students can have chance to implement what they have learnt. It is not good to select the college based on glass buildings, AC rooms, free laptops and other offers. If there is no facility to implement the learnt concepts, there would be no use of such offers. If there are facilities for implementing the learnt concepts, students get attracted towards the college.

It is better to give preference to the colleges which will get suggestions from experts of the field and to those colleges which are nearby to the industries. If there are good infrastructural facilities, one can take advantage of the assignments and relations with the industries.

It is necessary to focus on studies after coming out of the college, rather than concentrating only on learning at college. It is better to have computer with internet connection at home or room. Few friends can arrange a computer for themselves jointly.

Estimation of features of colleges

Following table will be useful in estimating the features of a colleges. By this, one can review the level of college in different aspects. By marking a tick (a ), you can give marks according to the method mentioned.

Questions Good Average Bad
How is the college construction?
How is the library facility?
How is the lab?
What is the condition of class rooms?
How is the transport facility?
How is hostel facility?
How is the response of college staff when went on visiting the campus?
To what extent you have understood the college management system?
How many are experienced among faculty of the college?
What is the response from faculty when consulted for help?
Is the old student association active?
What is the level of companies that came for campus placements?
What is the opinion of old students in regard of campus placements?
What are seminars, meetings conducted in recent times?
How are group discussion, mock interviews, elocution competitions in the college?
Are there any training centers arranged by industries, in the campus?
Is the college ready to spend more time in companies?
How are extracurricular activities?

Allocation of marks:

There are total of 19 questions in the table. Based on the response, give the marks as 2 for good, 1 for average and 0 for bad.


  • If the college’s score is between 33 to 38, it can be said as best college. First preference can be given to this college.
  • If the college’s score is between 27 to 32, it is a better college and second preference can be given to it.
  • If the college’s score is between 20 to 26, it can be treated as good college and admission into it can be considered.
  • If the total score of the college is less than 20, it is normal college and it is necessary to think twice while getting admitted into that college. If possible, go for any other alternative.

This questionnaire and results will help in coming to primary estimation about the college. After analyzing the college still deeply, students have to take decision about getting admission into that college.

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