How to take care about financial crimes? | Tips to protect ourselves from financial crimes

July 17th, 2010| How To.

How to take care about financial crimes? | Tips to protect ourselves from financial crimes

We can lose thousands of rupees without our knowledge and the purchases can be done on the credit card. They can also take the money by opening fake accounts with our personal information. As the technology had increased, the financial crimes are increased along with the increase in the financial crimes. The crime rate is increasing every day and so we should be careful.

We generally use the pan card, telephone bill, driving license etc every day for some use. We generally give the address along with signatures for the people for any purpose. This is enough to do the financial crimes. The financial criminals take this information and open a fake account and take the credit card. They easily draw the amount and create a loss for you.

  • We should remember that the information will reach the financial criminals through internet also. We should be careful before accessing our accounts through internet.
  • We should follow the advice of the banks to change the user id and password when we have a doubt.
  • We should keep only or two credit cards which we use more in the purse even though we are having many cards.
  • It is better to use the debit card for shopping and if the details of credit card account are known through online, then the amount in the savings account can be drawn. So it is better to use the credit cards whose maximum withdrawal is less.
  • We should keep the passbooks for credit and debit cards at a safe place where we can take them immediately when required. When we lose the cards, we should give the details to the call center through the documents we are having.
  • Most of the people store the pin number along with the card or in the mobile or tell it to friend through phone or mail. The best way is to remember it.
  • When we get a phone call that card is issued, we should be careful and if it takes some time for us to take the card, and we should inform the authorities.
  • When we shopping online, we should not click on the links which contain the viruses. We should be careful and we should type the link address in the address box than clicking on it.

We should write to the bank when we face any problem. When there is no response we should inform the bank authorities.