How to target MBBS Seat in EAMCET? Analysis of 2009 EAMCET Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry Papers

January 26th, 2010| Education.

How to target MBBS Seat in EAMCET? Analysis of 2009 EAMCET Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry Papers
Biology is the subject which decides the rank in EAMCET medical section and this is primarily started with Botany subject so it is very important for the student to write Botany paper well. When comparing the Botany paper for the last three years, it is not said to be tough but of equal proportions (both easy and tuff). In the 2007 paper there are 19 questions and in the 2008 paper there are 21 questions which are of multiple choices, matching and Assertion reason. Just because of these topics it is taking more time than the student expected time would finish. So Botany is said to be one of the major subject which decides the rank in EAMCET.

Analysis of the EAMCET Botany paper 2009
* The subjects which decide the rank in Botany are Plant Physiology, Cell Biology (DNA), Genetics and Anatomy.
* From the Genetic Engineering which is a new subject only easy questions are expected in the examination but some more concentration is needed on this subject.
* The method of preparation is not just reading the completed topics again and again but framing as many questions as possible from the academic text book.
* It will be very easy for the student to prepare a table format regarding the topics which we have to remember.

It is in the Zoology paper the students are facing a number of problems because from since 2 to 5 years most of the questions are of no clarity and when comparing the text books of the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 there is lack of differences in the textbook and there starts the doubt for the students that from where to start the preparation. There are in total 5 questions which lack in clarity in the question paper 2009 in Zoology and leaving these questions the rest of the paper is very easy. If we go through a keen study of the question paper there are only 7 questions which take more than 2min to answer where there are many multiple words in those questions.

Analysis of the EAMCET Zoology paper 2009
o The topics Genetics, Animal Organization and the analyzing questions from Anatomy are the topics which decide the rank in the Zoology. So it is very important to concentrate on these topics more.
o It is more than enough for the student to depend on the academic text books for the preparation and there is no need to look after other books for reference and study.
o It is better to move forward with the known questions than to deal with the unknown and lack of clarity questions. The preparation method must also include analyzing the old questions papers of the previous years.

Physics is one of the easiest subjects in the EAMCET question paper but the reason for getting low marks to the students Physics in the year 2009 is spending more time to the Biology. Nearly 27 questions out of 40 are solved based on the same equation. The 2009 question paper is of the said model…there are 6 questions which are solved by using two topics or equations, 3 questions from the same applicant type questions, 4 multiple choice questions in which two are graph based questions and the duration for these questions is not more than 1.5 min. when compared to the previous year’s question papers there is a slight change in the graph section questions and 8 questions which are based on the Circuit diagram. This is the first time that these many questions that are given based on the diagram in Physics and the division of the question paper is same as 20 from the first year and 20 from the second year.

The challenging questions for the student in this year question paper are from the Assertion and there are no Reason, Statement A, B or even matching type questions in the question paper. On the whole question paper there are only two questions that are based on the equation and rest all the questions are of calculations only. There are two multiple answered questions in this year question paper.

Analysis of the EAMCET Physics paper
o Physics is not a tuff subject when compared with other subjects and can be completed in one hour.
o Questions are based only on the primary aspects and so it is better to have a detail study on the primary aspects of the subject.
o There is no chance to leave the equation questions as they are less in number because if we once understand such questions only we can answer the calculations in Physics very easily.
o There is chance to score more marks from the small chapters as the division is equal for all the chapters.
o The student can easily score 35 to 40 marks if he/she is perfect with the calculations that are given in the academic text book.

There are chances that the Chemistry question paper will be easy in the year 2009 and the student can easily score up to 40 marks if he concentrates on the subject.

Analysis of the EAMCET Chemistry paper 2009

There are 18 questions from the first year and 22 questions from the second year syllabus. The questions are divided in the said form…11 questions from the Acarbon science and rest 22 questions are given from the other topics and if we analyze these questions with that of the academic questions there are 16 direct questions from the academic text book, 5 theoretical questions, 2 formula based questions, 3 direct questions, multiple answered questions 9, 2 are the multi conceptual questions and 3 other applications.

Among all the total questions 19 are the easiest questions, 13 are the mediatory ones and 8 are the time taking questions.

+ There are many difficult questions as the syllabus is changed and so many students are unable to answer those questions.
+ There are around 7 to 10 questions from the groups and can be remembered very easily along with other students by doing combined studies.
+ It is very important to concentrate on the acarbon science as some questions are there in the previous year question paper.
+ The student can easily perform the application questions from the Chemistry.
+ The student can easily secure 40 marks if he/she is totally depending on the academy text book for their preparation.

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