IBDP for international standard education | IB diploma programs are now offered in many international schools of Andhra Pradesh

May 25th, 2010| Education.

IBDP for international standard education | IB diploma programs are now offered in many international schools of Andhra Pradesh

Institute that is offering education with international standards right from the lower classes is International Baccalaureate (IB). IB designs its programs that will help in student’s all round development rather than conventional courses, syllabus and evaluation methods. IB programs which were present in less number of schools now have expanded to the schools of Andhra Pradesh. This program has been made available in the international schools of the state. International schools are conducting IB programs in association with IB world school.

Different academic programs, standard study syllabus help in the all round development, improvement of personality, attitude, intelligence, emotional and social abilities of the students. In order to offer international standard education in different countries, IB is collaborating with schools in different countries. Novel teaching methods, standard followed in education makes the teachers to get involved in the programs. This organization has started its functioning in Geneva in 1968. The IB schools present worldwide are supervised by the respective regional offices. Regional office for Asia is located in Singapore.

IB institute is offering its programs in three thousand schools in 139 countries. Three levels of programs are conducted by IB keeping in view the students of age group 3 years to 19 years.

Details of the programs offered by IB……

Primary program:

Primary program is intended for the students of the age group 3yrs to 12 years. It is also called as IB primary year program. The main aim of this program is to inculcate the generosity in the student to learn and the enthusiasm to know. Subjects of this program are social studies, mathematics, arts, sciences, personal, social and physical education.

Middle year program:

Middle year program is intended for the students of age group 11 years to 16 years. This age is the most important stage in physical and mental growth. This program helps in developing the necessary growth in personality, social and physical aspects of a student.

IB Diploma Program (IBDP)

IB Diploma programs is the most important programs offered by IB. This program is conducted for the students of age group 16 to 19 years. The main aim of this program is to inculcate stable thinking, observational abilities and international attitude. This program helps the students in acquiring the mind set to succeed in exams and more importantly in career and life. This diploma has recognition from world renowned universities.

Candidate joining in IB diploma program will study six courses. All the subjects are divided into five groups. One subject has to be selected from each group. Languages, social studies, experimental sciences, mathematics subjects can be selected. As a sixth subject, arts of group six or any one of the subjects of first five groups can be selected.

Along with these courses, students needs to complete another three course related tasks. They are independent research in a subject; learn knowledge, theories through research on different topics, understanding the real world aspects that are not related to the syllabus using one’s own creativity.

Written tests will be conducted at the end of the IB diploma program. Assignment tests conducted in the schools are also monitored by IB examiners. Those candidates who score at least 24 points are awarded diplomas. At the same time, minimum marks have to be acquired in the total course. One should participate in creative and service programs satisfactorily. Talented candidates are given maximum of 45 points.

International Accreditation

IBDP course is recognized by many prestigious universities worldwide. Association of Indian Universities has also recognized IB Diploma programs as equivalent to higher secondary education (+2). 2545 Universities in 75 countries worldwide are giving admissions to the IBDP students. This diploma provides necessary eligibility to get admitted into the respective courses in those universities. Foreign universities are giving preference to the candidates who come from IB world schools. Some of the foreign universities who have recognized IBDP course are…….

  • Oxford University, United Kingdom
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • University of Auckland, New Zealand
  • Harvard University, United States

Many universities of Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and others are offering scholarships to IBDP students. IB diploma programs are now available in Andhra Pradesh. Many International schools of Hyderabad are offering IB diploma program.

More details of recognition and different programs, schools are made available at www. ibo.org. Contact details of all the schools offering this course are available in the website.