Where IISC and what is is its contribution to India? | Who has established and contributed for the development of IISC?

November 9th, 2010| In India.

Where IISC and what is is its contribution to India? | Who has established and contributed for the development of IISC?

The IISC is the institute which contributes to the technology development of the country and it was started with 12 students. Now there are 850 students who are completing their PG and PhD. Sir CV Raman, Satish Dawan and other great scientists had contributed to the IISC. This institute was established by Jamsetji Tata. Swami Vivekananda and the king of Mysore had helped in establishing this institute. Jamsetji was travelling to America to buy the equipment for the steel plant in India and he met swami Vivekananda in the ship. He told the reason of his travel to America. Then Swami said that they should establish an institute for the science in India along with the industries. Then Jamsetji thought of it and then wrote a letter to swami Vivekananda agreeing to his proposal. Then swami Vivekananda said that he would help him in the establishment. A British scientist said that Bangalore is the correct place for the establishment. Then they both met the Mysore king and discussed the matter with Krishna Raja Vadiyar–IV. Then he contributed 400 acres of land for the establishment for free. The establishment of research center was given to the scientist named Barjoji Padsha. Jamsetji wrote a letter to the government seeking the permission for the establishment. Jamsetji died in 1904 before the permission was granted. The government granted the permission after that and his wish was to name the institute with the word Indian. So they named the institute as Indian institute of science. This is the first project which is done by the government and private institutes.

The first director of the IISC was the British scientist named Morris W.Travers. He came to India in 1906 and looked after the construction works of the building. There were organic chemistry and bio-chemistry at first. Sir CV Raman was the first Indian director of the IISC and he started the physics department in 1993. When Prof.Joshi was the director, he developed the engineering department. He was the very important person in the establishment of the IIT center in Kanpur. The ex-director of the IISC is Vikram Sarabhai is the old student of the IISC. When Satish Dawan was the director, ISRO was started in IISC. After that they established it as independent institute at another place. After that they had started Tata institute of fundamental research. They will do research in the nuclear energy and next they had moved it to Mumbai.

The IISC will do the research based on the environment and there is center for scientific and industrial consultancy. There are 40 branches in the IISC like mathematics, weather, biotechnology, information technology etc. The different branches will work together for the development and providing services. The Hindustan aeronautics limited, national aerospace, national centre for biological sciences and others had worked with IISC before. The Karnataka government had given 100 acres of land for the IISC in the golden year celebrations. The role of IISC had played an important role making the Bangalore as IT hub. When the IITs were established, all the professors went to IISC. The Tata group is also providing the funds for the IISC along with the government. This is the best science department or institute in India. The IISC is trying to be the top most science research center in the world.

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