Importance and details of Sai Baba Aarthi Songs

August 9th, 2010| In India.

Importance and details of Sai Baba Aarthi Songs

Aarthis of Baba

Sai Baba

It is said that Baba himself asked to write the Aarthi songs which are sung by the devotees even today. One day he asked one of his devotee Jogeshwar Bheeshma to give him five laddoos. On that night Bheeshma suddenly woke up from his sleep and wrote two Aarthi songs.  Later he wrote three more songs and  edicated all the five songs to Baba.  Baba asked Bheeshma to sing the songs for himself.  While he was singing the songs,  Baba kept his hand on Bheeshma’s head.  That is the reason why those songs are so melodious it is said. Later Bheeshma wrote another 5 Aarthi songs.  Many devotees also wrote Aarthis.  Presently 42 songs in different languages like Hindi, Marathi and Sanskrit are sung during the Aarthi ritual.

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