Importance of dry fruits for Roza

August 13th, 2010| Health.

Importance of dry fruits for Roza

dry-fruitsRamzan hustle bustle has begun in Hyderabad.  The city is shining with electric lamps.  With the appearance of moon after the no moon day, the month of Ramzan starts.   Fasting also begin along with this.  Not for one day or two days but for the whole month.  Muslims do not even drink water these days during day time.  They take food before sehar, early in the morning and keep fasting till the iftar time in the evening.  Earlier there was an opportunity to take leave for one month.  Now the situations are not like that.  They can only go home before one hour.  One has to attend duties for livelihood.  With so much pollution and traffic problems in the city, people are getting tired very easily.   It is very difficult to keep fasting for hours in this changing life style.  Nutrition experts are advising to take dry fruits along with night meals to look active during the day.  Dry fruits give energy.

Sale of dry fruits increase during this month.  Because, these dry fruits give energy during the roza time.  According to the nutrition experts, taking dry fruits like almond, cashew nuts, pista, anjeer, kishmish along with other food at the sehar time give the required energy to be active during the day time.

People who fast should take a balanced diet early morning.  Milk, fruits, chapattis should be included in the diet.  Do not forget to take enough water.  Most of the people do not like to take food in early morning.  So, Fasting is not good for health for such people.  They should compulsorily take dry fruits in their diet.  Obsess and diabetes people should consult their doctor and take their advice.  Dry fruits should be included in the evening meals also.  Dry fruits can give back the energy lost during fasting.

dry-fruitsDates are the dry fruits affordable by both poor and rich.  This has a big share in the sales of dry fruits.  It is a tradition to break the fasting by consuming dates.  It has many nutritional values.  100 grams of dates contain 234 calories energy, 1.8 grams proteins, 55.6 grams carbohydrates, 0.5 grams fat, 7.6 grams fiber, 4 ml sodium, 60.9 ml potassium along with iron, vitamin in abundance.  Do not take a heavy meal after fasting.  Take dates a seasonal fruits. 40 to 50 varieties of dates are available in the market depending on the taste, color and quality.  The prices have increased by 15% when compared to previous year.  Iraq dates are available for Rs.38 and Israel dates are available for Rs.475.  These are imported from Saudi also.  10 Lorries of dates are imported daily at Begum Bazaar market.

Special dry fruit gift packing’s are available in the market to gift them to friends and relatives.  Various varieties are available from Rs.170 to a couple of thousands of rupees.  These are a good option for people who cannot afford to give iftar parties.

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