Importance of Internship…..Successful tips

August 2nd, 2010| In India.

Importance of Internship…..Successful tips

Companies are very careful while selecting candidates to new jobs.  Practical knowledge of candidates is given more importance than the book knowledge.  So the importance for internships for students studying and who had finished their studies is growing.  With these internships,  students get an understanding of corporate culture and duties.  They can select the career by developing the skills needed by the industry.

Many employees are of the opinion that, Institutes are not taking interest in developing the employment skills of the student.  They are only interested in implementing the academic curriculum.  Therefore it is necessary for all the students to undergo internship along with their studies or after finishing their studies.

Practical Knowledge

The books studied in the colleges, and the exams conducted are only a model of the things one has to do in real life.  To have practical knowledge is important to discharge duties in a better way.  It is through direct scrutiny that one can gain the knowledge to undertake projects.  One can learn things practically which were taught in the class room under the supervision of experts.

Develop acquaintance with professionals, when you go for an internship program in any industry, before joining a job.  Know the skills which are to be developed.  One can get a permanent job if the company is happy with the performance and talent of the candidate.  Take the advices of the colleagues and maintain good relationships during the training period.  Perform the duties with responsibility and reach a higher position in life.

Internship is, working in the organisation  with out officially being an employee of that organisation.  This is the correct time to assess the skills and interests.  Being in the real working atmosphere one can get a clear view of the field which is going to be the career in future.  Accordingly one can apply for jobs in future.


Presently some companies are ready to give training to the freshers.  Prepare the resume perfectly while applying to such companies.  Elaborate your skills.  Furnish the details of the internship for extra benefit.

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