Importance of Job fairs | What are the tips to be followed while attending job fairs?

October 11th, 2010| Jobs.

Importance of Job fairs | What are the tips to be followed while attending job fairs?


Candidates try different methods to get a job.  Applying to the advertisement published in the news papers and in internet is common.  With the changing situations many companies are organizing job fairs.  These are very beneficial to the applicants.  Many organizations are coming together and giving opportunity to the candidates to choose a job as per their skills.

There are some occasions where doubts about these job fairs are expressed.  Middle men are making money, by cheating the candidates.  The candidates should be careful about such people.  There are allegations that there is a vast difference between the common oral tests and these job fairs.  There are doubts about the procedure of  selecting a candidate by speaking only for a few minutes and recognising his skills among thousands of candidates.  Some organisations conduct oral interviews and some does not even conduct them.  They just take the resume from the candidates for the purpose of selection.  The companies decide about their requirements and accordingly select the candidates by scrutinizing the resumes.  There should not be any misconceptions about this.  To clear the misconceptions experts are giving some tips.

Job fairs:  These are bridges between the companies and candidates.  The candidates can have an understanding of various organisations.  The candidates can clear the doubts about the demand in the present market.  The candidates can know about the various job opportunities available.

Benefits: Job melas give an opportunity to develop acquaintance.  This can be considered a step for oral interviews.  There is a chance to improve the skills according to the needs of the organistions.  The candidates can easily understand which field has the demand and what the requirements of the company are.

Before attending job melas:  Prepare the resume interestingly with all the skills mentioned.  Prepare the resumes according to the organisations you want to apply for. When talking to the recruiter one should be able to give all the details like name, skills and the interests in various fields in less time. It is  better to practice this.

After finishing talking to the recruiter, thank them and take their e- mail address.  The resume can be sent once again if the need arises.  Do not be disappointed if you are not selected.  Some times opportunities are given to candidates even after the job fairs.

These job fairs are always open for the candidates who are in search of new jobs.  Time will be saved with such job fairs.  Find out the vacancies in various companies and select a job which suits your skills.

Job mela offers good opportunities.  It gives an opportunity to meet the recruiters and explain them about the skills.  Many MNCs are also participating in these job fairs.  Do not miss the opportunities.

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