Importance of Mechanical engineering course | Subjects offered in post graduation, after Mechanical Engineering

July 16th, 2010| Education.

Machines are important for the industrial development. Machines turn raw material into processed material and usable items. Mechanical engineering covers the total subject of manufacturing these machines and their working. As like civil and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering is also an old subject. Because of this subject, we are seeing much advancement in machines and many new products. To say, all the modern developments we see today are because of mechanical engineering.

Importance of Mechanical engineering course

Mechanical engineering has much prominence among engineering subjects as a core subject. As long as there is obstruction to the industrial development, there is no disturbance to this subject.

As a part of mechanical engineering degree course, material science and metallurgy, machine drawing, thermodynamics, thermo sciences, manufacturing process, machine design, applied thermo dynamics, heat transfer, metal cutting and others are studied. In the fourth year, along with the core aspects, two electives have to be selected. Finite alignment analysis, gaze dynamics, entrepreneurship, environmental studies are available to choose from. Relation between core subjects like civil, electrical and mechanical subjects are to be studied.

Subjects offered in post graduation, after Mechanical Engineering

Post graduation can be done in the subjects of production engineering, automation robotics, turbo mechanics and others.