Importance of new Indian rupee symbol| Introduction of new Indian rupee symbol into Unicode and there by computers

July 16th, 2010| In India.

Importance of new Indian rupee symbol| Introduction of new Indian rupee symbol into Unicode and there by computers

Rupee Symbol

Till now we have seen only dollar symbol, but now we are going to see rupee symbol also. It is going to be added to ‘Unicode Standard’ to use it in computers and mobile phones worldwide.

Almost all the software companies’ world wide is using ‘Unicode Standard’ and hence it would be easy to use new symbol in electronic and paper media. It is also added in the standards of ISO/ IEC 10646, IS13194.

There are many literature scripts world wide. Every script has some letters and symbols. There are some symbols in science and technology fields also. Each letter or symbol is considered as a character. Computer software recognizes any character only with the special number. Process of developing special number for every character is Unicode Standard. Unicode Consortium will take up this process.

After considerations by Consortium

India has membership in this Unicode Consortium. New symbol will be sent to this consortium by India for consideration. It requests to add it to the Unicode. Usually, consortium will keep the requests in open reviews. It considers objections. Experts are sure that there would not be any objections for Indian rupee symbol. Once a code is developed for this symbol, operating system software traders will add it to their next coming versions.

After coding of the symbol into Unicode standard according to Indian standards, Nasscom (National Software Services Community) will enter the process. It will talk to the software development companies and makes sure that the new code and symbol are added to their operating system. With the new program or the new addition to the program, it is possible to type the symbol on the keyboard even if it doesn’t have key for it.

On Indian Rupee on computer keyboards….

Manufacturers Association for Information technology (MAIT) is taking steps to add this symbol in Indian keyboard. After the new symbol gets approved as the Keyboard Standard by Beaureu of Indian Standards (BIS), MAIT will talk to its constituent companies. It orders to make changes in the manufacturing of the keyboards so that the new symbol can be placed in it. By the addition of Indian rupee in the computers, it will become easy to do calculations in Indian rupee in excel sheets or documents.