Importance of Six years Pharma. D course in India | Number of colleges and job opportunities for Pharma. D candidates in India and abroad

August 26th, 2010| Education.

Importance of Six years Pharma. D course in India | Number of colleges and job opportunities for Pharma. D candidates in India and abroad

Introduction of 6 years Pharma D course can be said as a new era in Pharma studies. This is in addition to the 2 years and 4 year B.Pharmacy courses. BPC and MPC Intermediate students are eligible to join Pharma.D course. Seats are allotted on the basis of rank secured in EAMCET. D.Pharmacy candidates can also join this course.

Pharmacists have an important role to play in preserving the health of people of the country in all the countries including developed countries like America. In many countries doctors are prescribing medicines only after consulting a pharmacist after diagnosing a disease.

Pharmacist has every right to reject the doctor’s prescription if he finds any defects in the prescriptions are the medicines are over dose or lesser dose.

The responsibility of informing the patients about various things like which medicine is to be taken at what time, for how many, how many times, what cares are to be taken, if two tablets are to be taken at a time which should be taken first and how to preserve the medicines. He has to explain the side effects of some medicines and also the total drug information.

In India the role pharmacist play is nominal. He just sells the medicines as per the prescription of the doctor. Because, they learn very little in subjects like clinical pharmacy and Pharmaco therapeutics. That is why pharmacists are not recognized in India either by the government or the people.

6 Year Pharma.D course is introduced, two years back in India to provide quality services to the patients.

Pharma.D course

For the first 3 years various topics and practicals are taught just like in B. Pharmacy. From fourth year two day hospital visits are compulsory. In the fifth year classes are conducted in the mornings and in the afternoon the students have to go for rounds in hospital wards and attend bed side training. Sixth year is fully dedicated to internship in hospitals.

Students have to undergo training in this residency program in general medicine division for 6 months. Two months training is provided in each division in another 3 specialities. To get proficiency in all the divisions a multi speciality hospital is very necessary for a Pharma. D student. Therefore every college that offers Pharma.D course should have a latest super specialilty hospital attached to it. Pharmacy Council of India has directed that every multi speciality hospital that is attached to a college should have a special Clinical Pharmacy Division and Drug Information Center.

Two years course is meant for the Community Pharmacy (Medical Shops) needs in India. Four year B.Pharmacy course is totally pharma oriented and the candidates who finish this course can get expertise in making medicines, analyzing the quality of medicines. They can get good jobs in Pharma industries, Pharma research and development fields. Six year Pharma.D is totally clinical oriented. It includes all the theory and practicals taught in B.Pharmacy along with additional subjects like Clinical Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Bio Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Clinical Toxicology, Pharmacotherapeutics, Clinical Research and Drug Monitoring. There would be vast opportunities available for these candidates in hospitals and clinical trials research centers.

55 Pharma.D colleges

There are colleges in India that offer Pharma.D course. Each college has 30 seats. That means there are 1650 seats in Pharma.D in total. Only 2 of them are government colleges. Remaining 53 colleges are run by private societies. One of the government colleges is situated at Amaravati in Maharashtra. And the other one is at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

There are 19 colleges in Andhra Pradesh and the total seats are 570. Number of seats under Sri Venkateswara University region are 90. Under Osmania University region there are 9 colleges and 270 seats. 7 colleges are offering this course under Andhra University region and number of seats are 210.

Job Opportunities abroad

America had laid some restrictions for the candidates who studies 4 year B.Pharmacy course in India. For this reason candidates who have studied B.Pharmacy after 2003 are not eligible to write the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalence Examination (FPGEE) and North American Pharmacist Licenser Examination (NAPLEX). So there is no chance for the Indian pharmacy graduates work in Community pharmacies.

The six year Pharma.D course will break this barrier. Candidates can write the FPGEE and NAPLEX and take up the jobs in fields like community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and clinical pharmacy. Many people are joining this course as a pharmacist is being paid $ 1 lakh in America.

In India

In India hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy and community pharmacy are not very popular so Pharma.D course may be expected to cater to the requirements of future clinical and Community pharmacies. The government has recognized the necessity to set up clinical pharmacy divisions in all the district hospitals, corporate hospitals and attached hospitals of colleges. Thousands of Pharma.D professionals will be required for these clinical pharmacy divisions.

Sometimes doctors prescribe more medicines than required. When clinical pharmacy divisions are set up there is a chance that there would be prescription audits. If the doctor consults the pharmacist before prescribing medicines, the expenses incurred by the government on medicines can be controlled.

Many Multi National Companies have entered India for clinical trials. Many more are in queue. There is no doubt that the candidates who complete Pharma.D course play a key role in the research field of Clinical Trials.

Candidates who finish this course can write ‘Doctor’ before their names. These candidates will be respected as doctors in pharmacy by the whole world.

Candidates who are interested in research can pursue their PhD after Pharma.D. The future of this course depends on the opportunities the first batch students are going to get, who complete their course in 2014.

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