Inclusion of Kashmir in India | Rivalries and wars between Pakistan and India regarding Kashmir

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Inclusion of Kashmir in India | Rivalries and wars between Pakistan and India regarding Kashmir



When the British were leaving India, the Kashmir problem had risen. When they were dividing the India and Pakistan, they asked Hari Singh who was the king of Kashmir whether they would stay in India or Pakistan or as an independent country. The Pakistan leaders argued that they should be with Pakistan as the majority of people in Kashmir are Muslims. Then after few days, Hari Singh declared that they would be with India. As this was their decision, Pakistan was furious and fought against Kashmir. They occupied more than half area of Kashmir. The Indian army was sent to Kashmir to protect the remaining portion.

In 1948, there was war situation and the prime minister of India at that time was Jawaharlal Nehru. He tried to solve the problem by discussing and collecting the opinion of the people. Then Nehru complained to the United Nations committee and they had appointed UNCIP to solve the problem of Kashmir. They had suggested that Pakistan should vacate from the occupied places. They had set the borders in 1949 by stopping the firing. They had declared that the problem should be solved by collecting the information of the people and in a democratic way. But Pakistan did not consider this decision.

Pakistan had occupied 350 square feet when it fought on Kashmir in 1965. In the same year India had occupied three mountains when it fought against the area occupied by Pakistan. There was critical situation in two countries and Russia acted as the third party in solving this problem. There was an agreement between the two countries that they should be confined to the previous areas in 1966. But the Kashmir problem is still existing as the terrorist groups are trying to club Kashmir with Pakistan.

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