Increasing demand for Solar lamps in Hyderabad | Various solar lamps serving different purposes and their prices

September 19th, 2010| In India.

Increasing demand for Solar lamps in Hyderabad | Various solar lamps serving different purposes and their prices

The usage of solar energy is increasing in Hyderabad day by day.  People are interested in using these solar lamps, fans, fencing and water heaters.  Many manufacturing units are coming around the city with the increasing demand. Many solar lamps are available in Hyderabad as per the requirements of various people.

Solar lamp

Street Lamps:  These are available in two varieties, LED and CFL. Capacity is 11 watts.  Five meter pillar along with a lamp and other devices comes for a price of Rs.25,000.

Home Lamps:  Price of these lamps is Rs.5,000.  These are very useful when the electricity goes off.  It works for 6 to 7 hours if charged once.

For students:  This is a study light designed for children.  It has a capacity of nearly 0.26 watts and this can be charged with mobile charger as well as with solar energy. It works continuously for 10 hours.  Price is Rs.600 along with the module.

Automatic street lamps: Six feet pillar, module and battery cost Rs.19,000.

Hacker Light:  This light is convenient for the hackers who do business on pushing carts.  Module is arranged on the cart and light is connected.  This light works for 6, 7 hours after recharge.  This is available for Rs.3,000.  Companies are ready to decrease the prices if bought in wholesale.

solar home pack

Solar Home Lighting System: This is a package consisting of a fan and four lights.  These work for the whole day, after recharge.  These devices which have a capacity of 16 watts are available for Rs.16,000.


Solar Fencing: Solar fencings are being used in corporate companies, industries and houses.  Prices depend on the height and lines.

Usage of solar energy is increasing in Hyderabad.  Some Companies and IT organizations are interested in using solar energy.   Solar energy is available for a less cost when compared to electricity.  But the devices are costing more.  Rs. 3 lakhs will have to be spent for a solar energy of 1 kilo watt.  Nedcap is giving a subsidy of Rs.90,000.  For the remaining amount banks are giving loans with an interest of 5%.  The prices may fall with the increase of usage.  In some cities solar water heating system is compulsory in the construction of apartments and multi storeyed buildings.  Otherwise it is difficult to get permission for other things.  Once, this was implemented in Hyderabad also.  There are chances of introducing this rule again.  People should be aware of using solar energy.

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