India is one of the most polluted countries in the world-Air, water, soil pollution in India

December 17th, 2011| News.

Pollution in India

 Pollution in India

Pollution in India is very high and it is one of the most polluted countries in the world. The reasons for high pollution in India can be attributed to the fact that it is the largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Coal powered plans and increased number of vehicles on the roads are also increasing pollution. Economy of India is growing and with it pollution in India is also growing.

Pollution can be defined as contaminated condition of air, water, environment, sound and soil. Pollution shows negative effect on humans as well as other creatures on the earth. The effect of pollution depends on the type of pollutions. There are many types of pollutions like air, water, environment or soil pollution and each of this effect the people in their own ways.

Air pollution: The presence of contaminants in the air in such quality that are injurious to human, animal and plant life is the definition of air pollution. Air pollution in India is a major problem. Air pollution is caused due to variety of reasons like increased number of vehicles, smoke from burning fuels and factories. Industrialization and modernization are to be blamed for the present situation of air pollution. Industries such as thermal power plants, cement, steel, refineries, petrochemicals and mines emit chemical pollutants into the air causing air pollution. Exposure to chemical pollutants like carbon monoxide is dangerous to human beings. It can kill the human beings are cause severe health hazards. The air pollution is causing reduction of ozone layer which is important to protect the earth from ultraviolet rays that comes from the sun.

Water Pollution: Other type of pollution in India is water pollution. Water is being contaminated by various foreign matters. Water is thus losing its quality. Water can be polluted by various sources like industries, agriculture and landfills. Nearly 80% of wastages from cities and town in India are diverted to rivers. This is making the river so polluted that the water is becoming unfit for usage by human beings. Aquatic animals are also dying due to this pollution and if this is not stopped rivers in India may become dead rivers in future. Sewerage water is also directed in to the rivers which are causing development of various dangerous bacteria in the water making them not even suitable for bathing.

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Noise pollution: Noise pollution is any form of noise that can affect the normal functioning of any natural ecosystem and also some human community. Noise pollution is mainly caused by transportation and construction system. Noise pollution not only causes damage to the environment but shows negative effect on the human health. Humans who are continuously exposed to noise pollution can suffer from high BP, stress, hearing loss, sleep disturbances and aggression.

Noise pollution in seas and oceans is also increasing due to ship traffic and oil drilling. This is affecting the hearing sense of animals. Using noise barriers, driving the vehicles slow using special tyres etc can help lower the sound pollution. Noise pollution problem should be paid more attention. Though noise pollution is considered a major issue, no nose laws are existing in many cities of the world.

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Soil pollution: Soil pollution in India is most severe. Soil is being polluted by pesticides, oil and fuel dumping, landfill wastes, industrial wastes etc. Chemical wastes from soil are being directly dumped on the soil and it is contaminating the soil. Increasing urbanization, increase in agricultural lands, domestic wastages, agricultural activities, industrial activities are all contribution to soil pollution in India. Plastic factories, chemical plants, oil refineries, animal forms, coal fired power plants, nuclear waste disposal activities are the main sources of soil pollution. Effects of land pollution are dangerous. It may cause acid rains which can kill trees and other plans. It disrupts the balance of nature. Soil pollution is also dangerous to wildlife. Pesticides used overly can damage the crops and poison birds, animals and fishes.

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