Indian National Aquatic Animal is ‘Dolphin’

October 9th, 2009| News.
Indian National Aquatic Animal

Indian National Aquatic Animal

Indian Government has declared the ‘Dolphin‘ as our National Aquatic Animal. Indian government has taken this decision, to save the Dolphins – the fresh water animals, which are disappearing day by day. As our National animal is Tiger and National bird is Peacock, this Dolphin is recorded as National Aquatic Animal of India. Dolphin represents the rivers pureness. In India, they live more in Ganga river.

Bihar Chief Minister Mr.Nitish Kumar proposed this ‘Dolphin’ name as National Aquatic Animal. Ganga Basin Authority also accepted this. They are planning to clean Ganga River. The estimate value of this work is Rs.15,000 Crores.

After 2020, the inflow of industrial wastes, drainage water into river will be banned.

The scientific name of Dolphin is ‘Platanista Gangetica’. The dolphins in Ganga River are called as ‘Susu’. The Dolphins in Brahmaputra River are called as ‘Hihu’.

Dolphins are normally in 8’ length, and weigh around 100 kgs. The average life span of Dolphins is 35 years. Small fishes and Prawns are their food.

They are becoming extinct due to the fishing, Construction of Dams, Sand diggings and many more harm things done by human beings. Every year nearly 100 Dolphins are getting killed by humans.

If any one kills the Dolphin, or if any one having the body parts of Dolphin, will be treated as crime. They will be punished with 1-6 years jail and Rs.6000 penalty.

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