Indian Telephone Consumers Statistics

September 24th, 2012| News.

Telecom Regulatory AuthorityThe users of wireless phones in India, has increased 3.55 crores during April-June 2009. Earlier the total wireless users in India was 39.17 crores. This has become as 42.72 crores after the June month. Telecom Regulatory Authority has declared this news on 1.0.09. The total consumers of wireless and wire line are comes together as 49.48 crores, from 42.97 crores.

The tele density in India is increased to 39.86 from 36.98. The tele density is calculated as the number users out 100 population. The investment of a customer (GSM segment) per month is Rs.185. Earlier it was Rs.205. So, approximately it has decreased 10%. Eve CDMA segment also it is decreased from Rs.99 to Rs.92. Wireline custmors quantity has decreased to 3.75 crores in the month of June.

Now, the Wireline teledensity in India is 3.22.In June quarter, the customers quantity has reached to 32.85 crores in towns, and the same is reached to 13.82 crores in villages. The percentage of teledensity in urban area is 95.05, and 16.61 percentage in rural area. The internet users in India is reached to 1.40 crores from 1.35 crores.